From the minute Jimmy Fallon took the stage, the Globes were a bust. You can blame the broken teleprompter, the tired Trump jokes or even the Russians, but there is no getting around it; The award show was painful to watch. Please note I say this apprehensively, as I hope to one day be sipping champagne and avoiding bread baskets with these beautiful people. If that day ever comes I will completely deny ever having written this piece.


There were several moments that garnered attention on social media but one stood out more than Hillary Clinton at a Chipotle.

How would I summarize this lecture in one word?


All I could think during Streep’s speech is, is this over yet?


Hollywood is like that friend who is constantly telling you to break up with your boyfriend. “I know you think you like him, but let me tell you why he is the worst.” While said friend thinks she is convincing you to dump him, she is really just irritating you. Eventually you are so pissed off by the persistent meddling that you just scream “Let me live my life Karen Hollywood!”

Not all of the A-Listers were on board with Meryl’s long-winded anti-Trump diatribe. And I have to say, whoever panned the cameras to Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn, well done.

The only funny presenters of the night were Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig. (I am a massive Michael Scott fan and will never forgive the Golden Globes for snubbing Carrell so many times.)

Other bright spots? Brad Pitt made a surprise appearance and was sporting his post-break up hair.

The best revenge is looking good. Okay, so that is not the expression but it should be. I haven’t seen Brad looking this clean cut since his Ocean’s 11 days (a.k.a his prime.) Well done, sir.

I also really love Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and thought their speeches were classy, concise and genuine. I have yet to see La La Land but I think I will merely because I didn’t want to stab my eyes out during either one of their acceptance speeches.


I must admit that I’ve always been a sucker for award shows. Even as a kid I knew they were over the top. Nevertheless, I was able to look past the narcissistic aspect of the shows because some hosts and presenters made it watchable. Ricky Gervais poked fun at the egocentric personalities in the room. Sometimes actors even poked fun at themselves.


But now that seems to be a thing of the past. There are no “thank you” speeches anymore. Instead, every winner gives us the gift of their long-winded wisdom on how to beat global warming, racism and now even Donald Trump. My only fear is that their messages of hope and change won’t reach the uneducated masses that they are designed to inform. Because let’s be honest…how many of you deplorables were even watching?



  1. Meryl …. your only claim to fame is being good at pretending to be someone you aren’t …. that’s it.

    We don’t need political commentary from a pretender. You aren’t just “another pretty face” …

  2. Thank you Grace, I gave my 23 inch flat screen TV away 3 years ago, so I like your run downs on the TV/movie stuff. So , you’re correct, I did not watch, anything on TV. that is why I have time for AM radio !

  3. If only Meryl had the courage to stand up and speak out against Roman Polanski – an admitted child raping director – when she had a forum. But no, she chose to give him a standing O in 2003. At least she’s consistent.

  4. Unless paid or is part of their job….I kinda hope no deplorables who are men watched this; if so, they must either be gay, or a closet liberal.