To think I almost let the Obama presidency end without paying homage to our great Vice-President / GIF inspiration, Joe Biden. But luckily Joe’s recent comments about Trump reminded me to write this piece. Oh you didn’t catch his remarks to PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff? Well, take a look here.

It might seem ironic that the man who said he wished he could take Donald Trump “behind the gym” is accusing others of being immature. But when it comes to Joe Biden, you should know by now that there is no rhyme or reason.


When I decided to embark on this trip down memory, I knew I’d have to consult the man whose memory is like an elephant (and whose heart feels like an alligator). So despite the fact that Howie was miles away in sunny Palm Beach, I requested his favorite Joe moments- or “Joe-ments”- as I like to call them.

Here are a few of the Captain’s favorites.

Joe Plagiarizes Neil Kinnock in 1987 during Presidential campaign

He lifted words from the British politician and he was caught red-handed.

Joe, do you have anything to say about this?


Calm down crazy man, we have a lot more to get through.

Who could forget this next one? Howie definitely can’t.

Joe Biden makes racist comment about Indian Americans.

This remark didn’t get nearly as much play from the mainstream media as any of Trump’s comments about Mexicans. And this seems WAY more offensive. Hmm…I wonder why Joe got off so easy?

Joe’s Little White Lie

Sometimes politicians tell big lies and it gets them in all sorts of trouble. Everyone remembers Bill Clinton’s famous, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Or President Obama’s, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

But the truth is, some of the best lies are the little ones. Nobody knows fabrications like Uncle Joe. In a 2008 debate, the Vice-President decided to show how “in touch” he was with the middle class.

“All you have to do is go down Union street with me in Wilmington or go to Katie’s Restaurant or walk into Home Depot with me where I spend a lot of time and you ask anybody whether or not the economic and foreign policy of this administration has made them better off in the last eight years.”

Imagine Joe Biden in a Home Depot? He’d probably be about as useful as Michael Scott working in the warehouse.


But what raised more eyebrows than the Home Depot remark was the reference to Katie’s restaurant. Why? Because the diner has been closed for over 20 years. This was an awesome moment in history because we figured out that our Vice-President was either a liar or a time traveler!


And you obviously can’t have an Ode to Joe without including some of these cringe-worthy pics.

Recently, the Vice-President has become an internet sensation. It seems as if everyday there is a new “meme” that tries to capture the essence that is Joe Biden.

Here are a few of my personal favorites.

So there you have it folks.

The truth is, I think deep down, we will all miss Joe Biden… No, I’m totally kidding! But let’s hope he throws us a few more gems before the 20th.



  1. You forgot the most important one. Where he told a crowd of people at a luncheon where the secret gov. is located. Fox use to have it up.