Thanks Charlie Baker, jobless rate a national disgrace

We’re number four!

Gov. Charlie Baker must be so proud – as of last month, only three of the 50 states had a higher unemployment rate than the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ 16.3%, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

I’ll bet you hadn’t heard that until right now, had you? Odd how almost all of Charlie Parker’s amen chorus in the Boston media gave these appalling statistics a good leaving-alone for the better part of a week.

I first read about the Massachusetts Misery in the Wall Street Journal last weekend, in an editorial pointing to the dire consequences of assorted governors’ catastrophic overreactions to the recent panic.

Headline: “Lockdown States and the Jobless/ Job gains are much greater in states that reopened faster.”

Lockdown state? That’s Maskachusetts, right.

But as you would expect, the Boston media shrugged, as if to say, Nothing to see here.

Move along, folks, and pay no attention to all those boarded-up storefronts and looted buildings in Downtown Crossing and Back Bay, not to mention the thousands of shuttered mom-and-pop businesses on every main street and state highway in Massachusetts.

But look on the bright side, Governor – not only does the Mask State have the most disastrously high unemployment rate in the country among those run by “Republicans,” you’re the only GOP governor, RINO or otherwise, who’s in the top 10 for wrecking his state’s economy.

Well done, Tall Deval.

At his droning press conferences, Parker always like to talk about the “data,” so let’s look at some of it.

The two top states for unemployment last month are not surprising – tourist-dependent Nevada (25.3%) and Hawaii (22.6%). Then comes Michigan, controlled by the unhinged Democrat Gretchen Whitmer (21.2%), perhaps the nation’s most prominent Karen.

The Fourth Reich of Massachusetts is tied for fourth with California and Rhode Island.

(Among the other New England states, Maine unbelievably has the 10th lowest unemployment rate at 9.3%, just ahead of Connecticut at 9.4, while Vermont is 31st at 12.7 percent and New Hampshire came in at 39th with a jobless rate of 14.5%.

Massachusetts has a higher unemployment rate than even New York (14.5%), whose governor has more nursing-home blood on his hands than even Tall Deval. Even higher than New Jersey (15.2%), which is run by Tall Deval’s old Needham High and Harvard College buddy Phil Murphy, who may if possible be even more sanctimonious than Charlie himself.

These numbers are truly embarrassing, which is why you won’t be reading them in the Globe. The bow-tied bum kissers are on Team Lockdown too.

But wait, there’s more “data” out there. For instance, according to the state’s own stats, also released Friday, while the unemployment rate for the rest of the nation was finally plummeting in May, it rose in MA by one-tenth of a percentage point, from 16.2%.

Here’s another number from the May job report for MA: in the “Leisure & Hospitality” sector, over the last 12 months the state has shed 225,200 jobs – 59.9% of the workforce, gone, unemployed, adios.

But there’s more work yet for Charlie Parker et al. to do in finally finishing off the MA economy once and for all. And so his energy secretary, Climate Katie Theoharides, said last week that she and her boss remain totally committed to doubling the state’s gasoline tax next year – it’s an “investment,” you see.

The hacks call it the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI) but it’s really just a TAX.

The TCI will be Baker’s next move to demolish what remains of the Dreaded Private Sector, in order to enrich even further the bloated hackerama, which, by the way, has suffered almost no layoffs, and none whatsoever in the most worthless payroll-patriot-infested agencies like UMass, Massport and the courts.

Meanwhile, MA is number four in joblessness – quite an accomplishment for Baker, absolutely decimating what had been a fairly decent economy in a matter of weeks, in order to deal with an epidemic centered on nursing homes heavily-misregulated by this same governor who tried to cover up his incompetence and corruption by putting a million people out of work.

Latest MA death statistics as of Tuesday: 7,617 deaths, of which 4,956 have occurred in those state-regulated nursing homes. Only 123 people under the age of 50 have died, and the average age of the decedents remains 81.

For this, Charlie Parker murdered the state’s economy.

And yet for all his reckless depredations, we still only have the nation’s fourth highest unemployment rate.

C’mon Tall Deval, we all know you can do an even worse job. Just concentrate on those key industries – “indices,” as you called them Tuesday. And you can encourage more rioting and looting – excuse me, “large gatherings.”

Maskachusetts – we can do better. We can get the unemployment rate up to 20%!

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