So the Teamster vs. Top Chef trial is underway. If you haven’t seen the video of the Local 125 thugs threatening the Top Chef team outside of Milton restaurant Steel & Rye, then check it out below. They are truly despicable.

First up there is the Fidler family.

The apple doesn’t fall from the tree in the case of this crooked clan. On the left we have John “Valise” Fidler who is one of the Teamsters being charged in the recent harassment case.

On the right we have none other than his dear old Grandpaw! Yup. That is Allen “Suitcase” Fidler.

If you aren’t familiar with Fidler Sr., I’ll let this excerpt from Howie’s book Hitman explain:

“Suitcase Fidler was an older Charlestown hood with a dodgy reputation in the underworld. During the gang war, he’d gone back and forth between Somerville and Charlestown, and had somehow managed to survive, if not thrive.”

The elder Fidler was known for real mafia stuff like murder. The gangster blood must’ve been diluted by the time it got to lil’ Fidler because this chip off the old block has resorted to taunts and tire-slashing. Alas, Gramps would be so disappointed.

Next up we have a submission from JK in Weymouth.

On the left we have the Teamster “Business Agent” Mark Harrington. And on the right we have a grown up Wally Cleaver. Tony Dow, most known for his role in Leave It to Beaver, shares an uncanny resemblance to the criminal. I’m sure he is a much sweeter guy though!

That is all for this week. Send your best submissions to [email protected]!