It’s hard to back-peddle out of this one Silverman.

The comedian tweeted out a picture of what she thought was a Nazi swastika on the sidewalk.

Only problem? It wasn’t a swastika…it was a construction marking.

It took Twitter nation no time at all to start zinging Sarah with some pretty funny tweets of their own.

And just like clockwork, Silverman managed to put a very unique spin on the situation. Rather than simply owning up to the goof she decided to play the victim and shame those who dared to poke fun.

For someone who can dish it out, sister for sure can’t take it. Aren’t comedians supposed to have thicker skin than most?


Hmmm…I guess jokes are fine when it is your buddies at a Comedy Central Roast. But on Twitter? Hell to the no. That is a hate crime y’all. I’d say it is right up there in the top #10 worst micro-aggressions of all time. It comes in a close second place right behind the number one worst…

*drum roll please*

…writing construction markings on public streets.

To be fair though, it has been a rough few months for Sarah. Don’t forget, this election was comparable to a Great Depression for the millionaire.

Stay strong Sarah. You can power through this.



  1. Pathetic, unfunny loser. The taking on of the mantle of persecuted Jewess is PATHETIC, though, and actually really offensive. Your heroes Obama and Clinton helped create the modern genocide of Christians Jews and other minorities in the Middle East. Disgusting losers. All of you hypocritical leftists

  2. She tweeted her emotional, physical and their bodies are breaking down? I say it’s a lot simpler than that, it’s their MINDS that are breaking down!

  3. Demonstrably the LEAST funny comedian I have ever suffered with. Silverman is so wooden she creaks. Not one funny bone in her body – an entirely humour free zone.

  4. Liberals are too smart to ever be wrong. They just misspeak and then are misunderstood. You’ll be fine Sarah, Hang on isn’t that ‘h’ in your name a swastika? Damn they’re everywhere.