President Trump, it’s time to declassify

The unconscionable and horrendous violence at the January 6th rally, which stole our moment to expose voter fraud, has unleashed the media and RINOs to go ‘Tora, Tora, Tora’ on President Donald Trump.  It is so bad that Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are now public enemies number 2 and 3 for mentioning “voter fraud.” 

So what should our President do to manage this crisis?

He has two choices.  President Trump can ride out the next week taking all the arrows the left will shoot at him or he can use his final remaining days in office to change the subject. 

I have a one word recommendation for President Trump:  declassify. 

For far too long our government has kept us in the dark on numerous investigations.  The President should declassify them. 

The Durham Report on whether intelligence and law enforcement were used to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign was due out months ago.  No sense in waiting any longer.  Release the files so the American public is educated on how our government was used as a political weapon in a Presidential campaign.

Let the Hunter Biden files rip.  It would be especially nice if the President released this information on the eve of the illegitimate inaugural showing who is truly in bed with the Russians and the Chinese.

I know that some people will say that could hurt the Biden investigation and possible prosecution.  That’s hogwash.  Once the ‘big guy’ is sworn into office, there will be no investigation.  Just look at Charlie Parker’s son.  Where’s that investigation on his alleged groping incident?

Do you really believe that Joe Biden is going to let our government go after his son?  Not in a million years would that happen, because it will take him down as well. 

Moreover, Democrats are never held accountable.

For years we have patiently waited for Hillary Clinton and her cohorts to be charged and prosecuted.  We got nothing.  Hence, unlock the files. 

Expose the Congressional files on which members were harassing staff.  Inquiring minds want to know.

Trump should also declassify these latest claims by the FBI that there is planned violence around the country on inaugural day by Trump supporters.  The FBI is not a credible source especially when it comes to Trump.  So, let’s see the information on this so-called uprising.

If there are files on Mark Zuckerberg, Jeffrey Bezos and Jack Dorsey, I hope those will go public.

I have one last wish on declassification.  Please release the UFO files.  It would make Howie Carr’s day.

For those who believe declassifying files is going too far, I will remind you that the Democrats are using the win-at-all-costs playbook including voter fraud.

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