Photos capture reputed mall menace

Is it still true that blondes have more fun?

Is it still true that blondes have more fun?

That was the question asked by the ancient Clairol TV ad. And I am asking, not for a friend, but for a fiend.

His (or maybe her) name is Jacob Guerrero, indicted last week by a federal grand jury in Boston for sexually exploiting an 11-year-old girl in Norfolk.

After staking out her home for days, this alleged degenerate climbed to the roof of her family’s garage and videotaped the child naked inside her own home as she got ready for bed.

Although he (or is it she?) is only 23, Jacob has quite the rap sheet already. The cops say he’s been involved in sex crimes in at least three states.

And as you can see from the accompanying photographs, Guerrero likes to, uh, dress up, especially when he’s hanging out in ladies’ rooms.

In a memorandum filed in federal court in Sacramento in support of detaining the California native, the G-men included some of Guerrero’s earlier cat-walk struts around the outlet mall in Wrentham.

One of the photos was snapped by a cisgender female in a ladies’ room in Wrentham. Guerrero is clad in what I guess what the fashionistas would call activewear. His hair, er wig, is blonde, which is a departure from what appears to be his standard-issue black hair in the mugshot taken by the Wrentham Police Department.

Guerrero also occasionally steps out in a red female wig, as you can see from a different surveillance photo included in the feds’ motion to detain.

Last August, he was captured on surveillance video at the mall at 7:55 Wednesday night in his favorite gals-night-out outfit wearing a blonde wig. Two days later, at 5:25 p.m., he donned a red wig.

But the most significant part of Guerrero’s fashion statement is his footwear, specifically, what are attached to his sneakers:

“Authorities reviewing the photo later noticed that GUERRERO appeared to have long, dark-colored, cylindrical items (pen cameras) attached to his shoes – shoes which also appeared unusually long.”

The better, of course, for photographing females in a state of undress, either in the bathrooms or the changing rooms of clothing stores at the mall:

“The employees reported that on one occasion, a customer had complained, in sum and substance, that a male in a wig was waving his foot at the dressing room while her teenaged daughter was changing.”

Nice, huh? Remember a few years back, when lunatic judges began ruling that men dressed in female attire could use women’s facilities, at least as long as they “identified” as female.

What could possibly go wrong?

Down on Route 24, a woman was soon murdered in the ladies’ room of a fast-food restaurant by a cross-dresser. At Massachusetts General Hospital, a woman was attacked by a guy in a remote part of the complex while using a women’s restroom. Then Target announced a new national restroom policy and … can you guess what happened next?

And if anyone ever dared to point out the obvious, he or she was denounced, canceled, doxxed as a cisgender transphobe homophobe etc. etc. etc.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey sneered at any women worried about dudes in the ladies’ room, telling them that if they had a problem they should just “hold it.”

It was probably the most deranged thing Maura ever said, at least until 2020, when she endorsed the nationwide George Floyd looting-and-arson crime wave as a good thing:

“America is burning. And that’s how forests grow.”

Back to Guerrero. The feds describe him as a true mall menace, “behaving in an odd and disturbing manner toward … minor girls in a bathroom at the mall,” as well as stalking at least one adult woman “following her from stall to stall.”

But it was worse than that. According to the motion to detain him, he also molested family members, including children as young as 3 and 5. He set up hidden cameras in bathrooms, in the manner of a former state rep from Malden.

“He targeted children. This is not the behavior of a stable or controlled individual. This is the behavior of a dangerous, obsessed and calculating individual.”

As horrifying as Guerrero’s behavior was at the Wrentham mall, it was worse elsewhere. He was working south of Boston last year, the feds say, “as a driver for a sub-contractor that delivered goods for Amazon.”

Wonderful. What a “prime” job for scouting out locations for more perving. And indeed, he “targeted multiple children, in multiple homes.”

The federal crime he’s charged with came after his phone was checked following his arrest in Wrentham. His phone records indicated that he scouted out multiple suburban homes, making notes on his cellphone on such details as “teens” and “good trees” or that some nights the girls took “no showers.”

On one night, Guerrero recorded:

“No sign of older daughter from 8:15-8:50. Neighbors have good sight to one bedroom. Motion lights and dog :(“

As the feds noted:

“It is truly telling that, when writing a note to reflect how the presence of a dog, or motion-sensing lights, might frustrate or impede his efforts to sexually exploit Minor A and her siblings, GUERRERO made a joke to himself using the ‘frowny face’ emoticon :(. It says everything about this person, that he would joke about circumstances that might prevent him from sexually exploiting a child … That is the real person before this Court.”

This is the United States of America in 2022, where blondes do have more fun.

At least if they’re in drag, and wearing a wig.

Celebrate diversity.

Jacob Guerrero dressed as a woman. (FBI photos.)
Jacob Guerrero dressed as a woman. (FBI photos.)
Jacob Guerrero dressed as a woman with a close-up of his shoes and the pen cameras. (FBI photos.)
Jacob Guerrero dressed as a woman with a close-up of his shoes and the pen cameras. (FBI photos.)

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