Before y’all start inundating Howie with hate about how he is suddenly a Patriots SUPER fan, allow me to issue this disclaimer. This article is by me (Grace).

With that being said, #GOPATS #TB12 #SUPERFAN.

Now onto my article…

Rob Gronkowski is well known for a few things.
1. Gronk spikes
2. Party Buses
3. Being a star on and off the field.

And it is easy to see why he garners so much attention, especially on social media. He is self-deprecating, amiable and larger than life.


Some of my favorite Gronk moments?

Recently he made an appearance on the highly televised event Wrestlemania, giving life to this hilarious meme.

Then there was the time he explained just how dedicated he was to the fans of Pats nation.

He didn’t want to party for himself. But he partied for the fans. That is what I call a #hero.

But now we have a new moment to add to the list of Gronk’s Greatest Hits.

And that would be today when he crashed Sean Spicer’s press briefing at the White House.

I think we can all agree that Gronk should officially be at every WH press briefing from now on.