On a similar note…here are the mugshots of the people involved in another hate crime. Remember the man who was pulled out of his car and beaten for voting for Trump? Well, here are their mugshots.

Julian Christian, 26, from left, Dejuan Collins, 20, and Rajane Lewis, 21.

Huge surprise…we found more mugshots. It turns out this isn’t the first time these people have been in trouble with the law.



  1. VERY, VERY SAD DISABLED INDIVIDUALS ARE NOT PROTECTED BY THE SAME LAWS AS OTHERS WHEN THEY ARE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Mother of God help us all if we can’t see this crime for what it truly is, not that he was white, but because he was also disabled.

  2. I really Pray for all of the people in this ; And I hope that you will Pray as well.
    I count myself Fortunate to have watched Martin Luther King , on television,
    Live, give his sermon to America; He said I have a Dream. I have the same dream.
    Please search Mister King’s address, and listen to it; I share that, and I am with Him,
    and judge a person to be Kind to Everyone . Be Kind.

  3. I keep looking at the pictures above and see both anger in some and emptiness in others.
    I challenge anyone reading this to dig out their old High School Year Book and see if they can see
    this kind of look in those pages. The age of these young adults should be about the same.
    Now tell me, what the heck has gone wrong with our young adults and how do we fix this?
    This was not a foolish youthful prank gone wrong. This was a hateful, sadistic act. There were 4 people involved and not one of them hesitated and said “Stop” “This has gone to far”
    I do believe in second chances. This is why in 30 years from now when these 4 people get out of jail they get one!

  4. An American prison would be too good for them, send them to prison in another country…after sterilizing them please. And FYI I’d say the same if the races were reversed. This is horrible.

  5. The bigger problem is a culture that promotes violent behavior and convinces people to throw their lives away on this BS. ‘Thug nation’ is a plague and its really sad how well it works. People like these kids are obviously not well educated and have been coerced into this culture.

    For the love of God people, take the higher road…is it really helping things by calling people ‘Gorilla Thugs’? You sound like a moron and I’d assume dude from Holden is a troll, but I keep hearing this BS from callers on the show. I agree with much of what Howie discusses, but this is the reason liberals call conservatives klan members. Sheesh.

    This was still a sickening situation.