The hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” think they can provide “balanced” coverage of Donald Trump despite their constant assertions that the president may be mentally ill.

Guest Mike Barnicle brought up the point that coverage of Trump needs to be fair because of the “40 percent of the people in this country who believe still in Donald Trump.”

“Going forward, this investigation and our attitude toward it, and our commenting on it, ought to take more consideration into what these people are going to feel, if they do end up feeling that their vote, their feelings, their resentment…have been stripped from them,” he explained.

Host Joe Scarborough didn’t envision this being problematic for him.

“Well, Mike, I think the media…I think we’re gonna be able to cover this in a more balanced, nuanced way that doesn’t send the impression that we are going after Donald Trump,” Scarborough claimed, “When, in fact, a lot of us were frightened that the Constitutional framework…was under attack.”


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