This year’s winner of Miss USA was Kara McCullough from the District of Columbia.

It should come as no surprise that she clinched the crown. After all she is smart. I’m talking physical-scientist- at-the-United-States-Nuclear-Regulatory-Commission level smart. But still, it blows me away that she was chosen. Even with all of her obvious qualifications, Kara did something so bold, so unheard of, so unbelievable- that I was sure she had no shot at winning.


Okay, okay…Miss District of Columbia..went against the Liberal agenda.


Don’t believe me? See for yourself.


Healthcare is a privilege?! Not a right?? That is BARBARIC.


Turns out all of those brains must be affecting McCullough’s ability to agree to the moonbat’s way of life.

She better be careful or she could end up crucified by the media like Miss California back in ’09.

Congrats to Kara. She seems like a well-deserving recipient of this honor. Doesn’t hurt that she is pissing off Obamacare super fans. That is just an added bonus.



  1. Not to mention after being very smart, graceful and driving moonbat libs crazy, a jury of her peers reached judgement…. NOT GUILTY!!!! VERY Not Guilty as Mr. President might mention… 🙂

  2. It’s too bad she didn’t give the right answer. Something that is a “right” as in the constitution and the Declaration of Independence , is something that nobody ELSE has to PAY FOR. People already have a “right” to “health care” and the hospital has a right to charge them for it and not ME.

    This also proves that these “contests” are fixed, had they known she would say that, they never would have let her win but they already had her selected because, as usual, she’s not a typical white person, I’m sure they just assumed she wouldn’t stray from the plantation.

  3. PS: She’s in the bleeping Miss USA contest, of course she’s not guilty, and neither were the other….57 girls.