I call it a vacation – yet another perk of the hackerama, especially at Boston City Hall these days.

I mean, is there anyone left at Boston City Hall this summer, or have they (ital.) all (end ital.) been suspended, with pay?

Where to begin? Let’s start with the two Felix Arroyos, father and son. Senior (he has a different middle initial than the kid) has been on suspension from his (ital.) state (end ital.) job – Suffolk County register of probate – since last year.

Since his suspension, Felix has gotten not one, but two pay raises, including a retroactive one in February. He is now up to $134,691 a year, finishing life at home in his spare time. He’s scheduled to get two more pay hikes in the next 11 months. America’s been very, very good to him!

Then there’s young Felix. Like Dad, he is a former city councilor, and a failed candidate for mayor. This proud “community organizer” is still on Mayor Marty Walsh’s home page as “chief of health and human services,” but now for undisclosed reasons he’s on, ahem, leave.

Felix Arroyo is still collecting $135,906 a year from the grateful taxpayers of the city of Boston.

Then there are the two Walsh coat holders who are awaiting trial on federal extortion charges next year. They’ve been out for months and months, but still collecting. Kenneth Brissette, a gay guy who used to work for Deval Patrick, is/was “director of the office of tourism, sports and entertainment.” That’s good for $102,596 a year.

His codefendant is Timothy Patrick Sullivan, “chief of staff of intergovernmental affairs.” He makes $120,000 or so a year, and he used to work for the Mass. AFL-CIO, which is run by a former state senator. (Mayor Marty is a former rep and former union labor boss himself.)

Are you beginning to detect a pattern here? In the hackerama, very high salaries and very long job titles invariably mean… very little work.

But wait, there’s more. In June, one Stephen Bickerton Jr., an “assistant director, Public Facilities Department,” got a five-day vacation – I mean, “paid leave” – after an early-morning affray outside his Dorchester home.

Bickerton only makes $99,275 a year, so I guess you must need to crack six figures before you can get the open-ended Arroyo-style vacation.

Then there’s Cornell Mills, son of jailbird ex-state senator Dianne Wilkerson. Yes, the bra stuffer. Unlike the Arroyos, Cornell couldn’t even get himself elected to the City Council. He is/was a “project manager” for the city’s Office of Workforce Development, but alas, last April, he was charged with embezzling $50,000 from prospective homebuyers. The counts against him included “being a common and notorious thief”—nice touch, even though he’s not nearly as “notorious” as his mother.

Not to worry, though. Four months after his arrest, Cornell remains still on the city payroll, on “administrative leave” for $61,233 a year.

Now, this is all very thoughtful of Mayor Walsh, to allow these mooks to keep their snouts buried in the trough. Once upon a time, when Kevin White was mayor, if you got jammed up at City Hall, you were on your own. This often led to even greater embarrassment for sticky-fingered public servants.

I remember one crooked budget director who decided to claim that he had slipped in “an icy corridor” – inside City Hall. He went to prison. A Southie hack who was in a photo finish with a grand jury staged a fake auto accident one Friday afternoon and claimed it had caused him excruciating pain – disabling pain.

Only problem was, in those pre-ATM days, the feds found closed-circuit video of him standing in line for 40 minutes at a bank waiting to get some cash for the weekend, while he was allegedly crippled by pain. He too went to the slammer.

At least some of the vacationing Marty Walsh hacks listed above will likely end up in durance vile. But they won’t have to face superseding charges of trying to fake a disability pension.

By the way, you know those RMV clerks at Haymarket who got busted this week for selling fake drivers’ licenses to Dominican illegals? One woman, the naturalized citizen from the DR who has two drivers’ licenses with different birth dates – she was suspended by the state, without pay.

Can you believe it? Without pay? I know, she’s a state worker, but why isn’t she being taken care of, the way everyone at City Hall is – the Hispanic guy, the Irish guy, the black guy, the gay guy, etc.

Can somebody call the Mass. Commission Against Discrimination?

Howie Carr is the New York Times best-selling author of The Brothers Bulger and Hitman, in addition to several other Boston organized-crime books and two novels. He is the host of a New England-wide radio talk-show syndicated to more than 20 stations, and is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago.