Is the State Police motto ‘To protect and overserve?’

The Massachusetts State Police — the latest casualty of Gov. Charlie Baker’s lunatic lockdowns.

The Massachusetts State Police — the latest casualty of Gov. Charlie Baker’s lunatic lockdowns.

Not that the troopers weren’t a complete corrupt mess before 2020, but the Panic just accelerated their ethical collapse.

Take the most recent hires of the MSP — please! And read them their Miranda rights while you’re at it.

If you saw the list in the Herald Thursday of the latest troopers who’ve been dishonorably discharged, you may have figured out that at least three of the 14 had less than a year on the job.

And there’s a fourth one from that class, down in Attleboro, suspended, awaiting trial on charges of domestic abuse of his girlfriend.

Last year’s class at the academy in New Braintree was apparently rudely interrupted by the governor’s hysterical overreaction to a seasonal flu. Kinda like all schools were, the difference being that they don’t give you a badge, a gun, a car and a million-dollar career when you graduate from middle school.

Let’s start with Nidu Andrade (badge number 4418) — “probationary employee — inappropriate texts sent.”

Nidu is why the Herald a couple of weeks ago filed the FOIA request for the dishonorable discharges. We’d heard about his, uh, inappropriate texts, but we couldn’t nail down the perp’s name. Now that we have the name, we’ll try to get you the actual report. Parental discretion advised.

By the way, don’t get Nidu Andrade confused with ex-Lt. David Andrade, most recently in the news last year when he was dragged into court in Bristol County and charged with stealing $11,500.

The headline: “State Police commander was allegedly cruising in Bermuda when he claimed to be working.”

Is Andrade collecting a pension? you ask. Of course he is — $94,948 a year. Tax free. He’s 48 years old.

Nidu Andrade, on the other hand, doesn’t get a kiss in the mail. Nor does another member of the Class of 2020, Cody Lee (#4545) — “off-duty incident ethnic slurs used.”

This was in Revere, all recorded after Lee and a Hispanic man left a barroom. Lee used both the n-word and the s-word, and thus forfeited his chance to become a multimillionaire by age 40.

C’mon down, Michael Atton #4422. He too went on the job last year and has now “resigned during the pendency of two internal affairs investigations.”

His problems began when Wrentham Police arrested him for allegedly beating his second wife, the mother of his two young children.

Another new hire in 2020 was one Joel Devine. He graduated from the Academy in May 2020 and last summer threatened to kill his girlfriend, whom he began dating when she was 18, four times, or so say the Attleboro Police.

Trooper Devine (he’s suspended) also allegedly throttled her during a vacation last Christmas in the Bahamas. (They love the big-money vacations in the islands, these Staties, almost as much as they love their distilled spirits.)

Devine is a former Lexington cop. A lot of these bust-outs were small-town Barney Fifes who apparently dreamed of making the big time, or should I say big money. The Andrade with the pension started out as a New Bedford cop.

Then there’s Dwayne Correia (#3562), dishonorably discharged after losing his firearm during a late-night tryst with a female acquaintance in Providence.

Correia was a Raynham cop before he became a globe-trotting, gun-wielding lover boy. He was fired for “disabled geotab AVL — theft of firearm while out of state.”

That “geotab AVL” reference — think GPS. Those records are what the feds have been using to pick off these crooked cops for embezzling federal funds, first in Troop E out on the Pike and soon in another one of these rotten MSP outfits known as … well, I’ll keep that one under my Smoky-the-bear hat for now.

I just wonder if the feds are talking to any of the local trucking companies … .

The irony is, if these crooked state cops had just remained in their small towns, they could still be working the same grifts. The State Police just got a little too greedy, which is why they’re getting knocked back down to size.

You know the old saying, Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.

Meanwhile, life goes on the hackerama. Next shoe to drop will be when charges are filed in the death of the Dedham High teenager who drowned in a pool on property owned by a retired state trooper who’s collecting an annual pension of $131,961.

Once the Dedham PD incident report is filed with the court, including a list of witnesses, we’ll have a better idea of how many staties were in attendance when alcohol was allegedly being served to minors.

Any superior officers? Anybody on the governor’s security detail? At high school graduation parties, you always invite fat cats who can bring a check, and who better to take care of your college-bound kid than an MSP multimillionaire?

We’ll know soon, but probably not today. Today was Bunker Hill Day, and Saturday is the newest public-sector holiday, Juneteenth, which means the ultimate hack dream has finally been realized — a four-day weekend, paid for by all us who work for a living.

But 14 staties didn’t make it to the promised land of the four-day weekend. On this day, remember them, and also the motto of the Massachusetts State Police.

To protect and overserve.

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