Before I even show this awful tweet, let us first try to figure out why on earth this dude has a verified blue check on Twitter.

His Twitter bio describes him as :

Writer / Speaker / Educator (Beyoncé Professor since 2010: #PoliticizingBeyoncé, Gender Studies, American Studies) / Podcast: Bey-Ond Pop Culture

Hmmm….According to my unnamed sources (Google) he works at Rutgers.

So without further ado, let’s bring out Allred’s despicable tweet.




  1. What is it with these people referring to “insurance” as “healthcare”? Apparently, none of them have eve used either…or something. And when your “healthcare” has a $10,000 deductible, you ain’t gonna get much “healthcare” from it, aka, NONE. Why don’t they just call it what it is? W E L F A R E because he’s not whining about people who PAY for their “healthcare” (or the millions who lost theirs thanks to Obama), he’s whining about people who get it for “free”.

    PS tattooed freak, John McCain makes like $200,000 a year at least, he can AFFORD the best “healthcare” you can get either way, as can all people who make that kind of money. I’m betting you aren’t, and never will be, one of them.

  2. Hold my beer …..

    John McCain has a brain tumor? How is that even possible?
    (Yeah, I said the same thing about fat Ted when he was diagnosed … it was actually my first thought when I heard about it).