Hackerama willing to let taxpayers, MassGOP squirm

Gov. Charlie Parker is on a mission to destroy the state’s economy, but one thing you have to give him credit for.

He can keep his hacks in line. When Tall Deval says “Jump!” his mind-numbed minions say, “How high?”

This is today’s lesson from the hackerama: when it comes down to principles versus money, money wins hands down, every time.

Earlier this week, the chairman of the state Republican party, Jim Lyons, sent a letter to Tall Deval — a request “to urge you to push back, publicly, on the Democrats’ demands to keep Massachusetts shuttered.”

What could be more reasonable than that? Enough with the panic.

But the problem, of course, is that Tall Deval is the state’s leading purveyor of panic porn. He’s the king of the maskers, he can’t get enough of this hand-wringing and threatening and whining.

So Chairman Lyons’ letter goes out, signed by hundreds of state Republicans, not to mention 60 of the 79 members of the state committee. But what about … the other 19 state committee members? Are you telling me that some Republicans think it’s a good idea to keep the state shut down, with a million residents unemployed, including 37,618 more Thursday?

Charlie Parker is so proud! He did that! If it wasn’t for him, those 37,618 might still be working.

So you have 19 of the 79 members of the elected GOP state committee who are all in for Charlie Parker’s economic depression in Massachusetts to fight a virus that’s killed 88 people here under the age of 50.

Would you care to guess if most of those 19 people have real jobs… or are hacks?

Only one guess.

Lt. Gov Karen Polito at UMass Lowell Thursday. (Staff Photo By Stuart Cahill/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

You will notice a recurring theme here among many of these Charlie Parker payroll patriots — Executive Office of Public Safety, run by a Worcester County hack named Tom Turco who is thisclose to Lt. Gov. Karen “Pay to Play” Polito:

Angela Davis, $130,000 a year, “Ass. U/S Law Enfor/Crim Just.”

Laurie Myers, $125,000, executive director, Sex Offenders Registry Board.

Colleen Maloney, $70,000, in Tall Deval’s office.

Jennifer Cunningham, $69,869, paralegal specialist, EOPS.

Do you begin to detect a pattern here? All these GOP state committee people who on the Democrats’ side serve at the pleasure of Tall Deval, who might as well be a Democrat.

Mindy McKenzie, one of Karen’s BFFs from Shrewsbury, not on a state payroll but lists her employer on recent OCPF contribution forms as “Baker/Polito campaign.” Polito’s campaign has paid her $7,500 as a consultant.

Kristina Spillane, a Fidelity employee but on the very desirable Mass Development Board, which is run by Mike Kennealy, secretary of housing and economic development, who is one of the bosses of the governor’s commission to put every restaurant in the state out of business.

Kennealy’s co-chairman on the Shutdown Forever Commission is none other than Pay to Polito, to whom Kristina Spillane has given $6,050, along with $2,000 to Tall Deval and $500 to Rep. Paul “Mr. 5X5” Frost.

Speaking of Mr. 5X5, Frost is another keep-the-state-closed-forever member of the GOP state committee, along with fellow solons Jay Burrows and Shawn Dooley, as well as Judy Crocker, the wife of yet another RINO rep, Will Crocker.

The pro-shutdown, pro-Democrat Republicans on the state committee also include a number of failed candidates for the legislature, among them Ryan Chamberland, who lost a GOP House primary in Blackstone.

Consolation prize for Chamberland: a hack job in EOPS as “deputy chief of staff,” for $96,390 a year.

Another bust-out candidate-turned-committeeman: Shaun Toohey, who used to be a male stripper in “New England’s Ultimate Male Revue.” He is now married, and his sister-in-law is another pro-lockdown Republican on the state committee by the name of Maura Ryan-Ciardiello.

Maureen and Mrs. Ultimate Male Revue are both daughters of ex-Haverhill mayor Bill Ryan.

Then there’s Janet Leombruno, city councilor from Framingham and another BFF of Pay to Play Polito. (Janet has been on Pay to Play’s campaign payroll in the past.)

Leombruno has donated to both Baker and Polito and when she ran for the Framingham city council last year, Baker’s Super PAC pumped more than $24,000 into her municipal campaign.

Another let-them-eat-cake Republican on the GOP state committee is Brian Burke, a $95,000 “hearing officer” in the Department of Correction, which is of course run by … Tom Turco, the Polito sock puppet.

These are the Republicans on the state committee who apparently have no problems with the police state that Massachusetts has become under their benefactors, Tall Deval and Pay to Play.

Like their State House bosses, these quislings are “data driven” — and all of the data has George Washington’s picture on it. It’s the hackerama.

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