If you missed yesterday’s show, then you may not have heard the hilarious interview between CNN’s Jake Tapper and the White House’s newly appointed Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci.

The Mooch, who was raised in a middle-class home in Long Island, actually has some credibility with middle class America. He feels comfortable speaking on behalf of this demographic because he has faced similar concerns and problems.

Makes sense…until Tapper got involved.

Not to be out done, Jake chimed in, “I grew up in a very similar neighborhood in Philadelphia.”

Say what?


Evan Perez, fact that for me on the fly.

According to Breitbart, Tapper is not as blue collar as that off-the-cuff comment might suggest.

Tapper, whose father attended both Dartmouth College and Harvard Medical School, felt no need to clarify that, unlike Scaramucci , he attended an exclusive private high school in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, where the median household income was $210,956 in 2000. After high school, Tapper, a legacy candidate because of his father, attended Dartmouth College.

Interesting. I’m finally understanding why Howie has dubbed him “Jake the Fake”.

Check out some of the hilarious responses on Twitter.

But this got Howie and me thinking…Why is this a trend amongst the libs? Sure you’ve heard of stolen valor, but what about stolen middle class?

Jake is by no means the first moon bat to exaggerate or even flat out lie about his upbringing, financial situation and or street cred.

Here are a few standouts in the Phony Hall of Fame.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Who can forget the epic gaffe in which Hillary tried to claim she and Bill were “dead broke” coming out of the White House.

This raised eyebrows among even the most left-leaning of liberals.

Elizabeth Warren

Growing up on the jagged/ragged edge of the middle class is not easy. Just ask Pocahontas. After all when Lizzy was in high school circa 1965, her family only had 3 cars in the driveway.


Oh the humanity! If a white MG sports car doesn’t scream “struggling” then I give up.

It makes sense why these choose to lie. They think it is going to make them seem more relatable. But like Hillary ordering guac at Chipotle or Barack Obama staring blankly at a shovel, there is no amount of “real people” stuff that makes these guys seem any less out of touch.

Nice try though.