FILE- In this April 19, 2017, file photo, former Vice President Joe Biden attends the opening ceremony for Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia. Biden is slated to deliver the Class Day address at Harvard University on Wednesday, May 24. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

Joe Biden should stick to the things he does well.

Some of which include:

Making offensive jokes, getting to close for comfort, and talking about his bromance with Barack Obama.


Things he doesn’t do well?

Winning Presidential races.


And I’m not espousing my own opinions here. This is actually a fact.

Joe Biden has failed at becoming President 3 times.

In case you can’t fully comprehend this elite-level of loserdom, allow me to help. This a club that only Platinum-Loser-Card-holders like Hillary Clinton can join.


And once you’re accepted into it, it is not enough to sit back on your loser laurels. You have to continually chase your pipe dreams and fail over and over again. It is truly a fool’s paradise.

If you don’t remember all of the times he ran, it is probably because in many of the races he didn’t make it far enough to become a household name. But still…isn’t part of life about learning from one’s failures?

Once you’re heading into your late 70s, don’t you have a semi-decent grasp of your own skills and abilities?

How many times do people need to tell you they don’t want you before you get the hint?

If a guy gets rejected one time? I say, props to him for having the guts to ask the girl out in the first place.

Two times? I’d say let it go man, find someone else.

Three times? That girl better change her number and maybe alert some authorities.

The fourth time?! We’ve got a Harvey Weinstien situation on our hands.

My point is this level of delusion is not healthy for anyone. Not for Biden, the mainstream media, or the Democratic party who actually think a few Uncle Joe memes are enough to guarantee a Presidential victory.


If he couldn’t do it when he was young and (relatively) mentally nimble, then there is no way that he can do it now.

With that being said, I’d love to see him run. Barack Obama had a hard enough time getting him to sit still during a State of the Union address. He’d be so entertaining and nonsensical. It’d be a beautiful thing.

I mean, he has already produced a terrifically dumb comment and it is only Monday!

While on with Kelly Megyn (or is it Megyn Kelly…not sure) he revealed that he thinks the people in the Rust Belt love him more than they love Trump.

Oh Joe. So old and yet so naive. Keep ’em coming bud.