House Speaker Bob DeLeo had the operation on his stomach to take away his appetite – for food, that is.

His craving for taxpayer dollars, on the other hand, has gone totally out of control. He keeps gorging and gorging and gorging himself. He’s a greedy glutton for gelt.

He burps and he belches and then he grabs another wad of our cash with his hands and stuffs it into his bulging cheeks. Mistah Speakah can’t help himself, nor can his counterpart in the Senate, President Stanley Rosenberg.

It’s not so much an eating disorder as a stealing disorder. What’s going on right now at the State House is a full-blown epidemic of kleptomania.

These hacks on Beacon Hill are utterly out of control. And now the last fig leaf is gone – the payroll patriots have finally started talking about tax increases to support their cash jones.

Have they no shame? (That’s a rhetorical question.)

This tax talk is a trial balloon, except that trial balloons are usually sent up when the payroll Charlies suspect that their scheme could be shot down. Who’s going to stop these tax hikes? The RINO governor, Charlie “Tall Deval” Baker? Get serious.

Tall Deval is part of the cabal. This is like the old Winter Hill Gang. Zip Connolly was the FBI agent who was supposed to keep tabs on serial killers Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi, but they owned him. They made Zip come crawling to them when he needed cash.

At the State House, DeLeo and Rosenberg are Whitey and Stevie, and Tall Deval is Zip, the crooked cop who does what he’s told. Tall Deval is keeping tabs on them all right, wink wink nudge nudge.

So DeLeo tells his sheeple, er members, that tax hikes are on the table. And across the hall, in the Senate, the insatiable hogs add yet another “leadership” position, a second “assistant majority whip.”

This was proposed by Sen. Mark Montigny of New Bedford, who under the new rules just scored $50,000 in pay increases – as “assistant majority leader” he went from an extra $15,000 to $35,000, plus his stipends for being chairman of two phony-baloney committees, Senate Rules and Senate Joint Rules, each doubled from $7500 to $15,000.

This, by the way, is the same Sen. Montigny whose name figured prominently in the 2014 federal corruption trial involving the Probation Department. He got his girlfriend, who was 22 years younger than himself, a hack job as a probation officer. Her prior job: parttime drawbridge operator.

So now to add up the votes, the Senate has a president, a president pro temp, a majority leader, three assistant majority leaders, a majority whip and two assistant majority whips.

What exactly are all these hacks counting, other than their own ill-gotten gains? Everybody’s going to vote the way they’re told to, if they don’t want to lose their own extra $20,000-$50,000.

All power in the legislature is centralized now. The committee chairmen have no clout whatsoever. So each committee must now have a “vice chairman” to help the “chairman” with his arduous non-duties. That way, they’ve created another “leadership” position that they can use as a payoff.

Remember last summer when the legislature nixed the annual sales tax holiday, so-called. They claimed they couldn’t “afford” it because the state didn’t have enough money.

But now it has enough cash on hand for these pay raises. If not, there’s that pending tax increase. And Rosenberg has the audacity to say, well, we have enough money for our legislative pay raises, we just need the extra dough for the pay hikes for the judges (who are even less deserving than the legislators).

Except in one way. If the legislators’ pay raises are attached to the judges, as they were, the hacks’ hikes can’t be repealed by the voters. That’s why the judges got pay raises, to protect the legislature.

And Rosenberg thinks we’re so stupid that we’ve forgotten that fact. As does DeLeo, the former fatty who recently had the bariatric procedure. I’m not sure if he had what’s called the sleeve, or whether it was a gastric bypass.

Gastric bypass, huh? Whatever it was, it worked. Too bad that DeLeo didn’t also get the greed bypass. The gastric bypass is good for your blood pressure, the greed bypass for your soul.

Assuming of course that any of them up there actually have souls.

Howie Carr is the New York Times best-selling author of The Brothers Bulger and Hitman, in addition to several other Boston organized-crime books and two novels. He is the host of a New England-wide radio talk-show syndicated to more than 20 stations, and is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago.


  1. How about a “PROFILE IN COURAGE” award for the 2 biggest crooks in Massachusetts today. The vote concerning this robbery should be publicized and all the thieves be made accountable to the taxpayers…

  2. Leaving the BayState and Tall Deval and Crew behind looks better everyday. Can listen to Kuhner and Howie on the web or tune in

    • We have Howie on the radio here in NH, 1370 AM. Comes in nice and clear. I grew up in Boston and my wife on the south shore. My entire education from grade school to grad school was withing the city limits. We moved here 21 years ago for a job and it is great. No sales tax, no income tax. Housing costs less. Car insurance is much less. It is an hour to Boston to go to the Red Sox, dinner in the north end, etc.