Did Liz Warren claim to be 2/3 Irish to get into the St.Patrick’s Day Breakfast this weekend?

(031917 Boston, MA) Politicians sing the “Wild Rover” during the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast in Boston on Sunday, March 19, 2017. Staff Photo by Nancy Lane

All I know is that she couldn’t resist giving the Captain a shout out during her stand-up routine. Check it out here.

If you can’t bear to watch the Senator ham it up…here is how Laurel Sweet describe the joke in the Boston Herald.

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, jokingly warned by Forry to keep her remarks short, said everyone’s been very supportive of her since Senate Majority Leader Mitch O’Connell Jr. (R-KY) ordered her to stop talking on the Senate floor.

“Everyone,” Warren said. “OK, except Howie Carr.”

Nice one Lizzy. Don’t quit your day job though. Actually, I take that back. Quit your day job. That’d be lovely.



  1. SHAMELESS ! The Hateful Hussie Of Harvard holding up a Tom Brady shirt ? Doesn’t she know who The Greatest Of All Time voted for ? Is she aware of all the nasty things said about Brady, Belichick, and Kraft by her minions ?

    She reminds me of Chief Jay Strongbow – not a drop of Native American blood in him either…