Democratic doublespeak now banning the word ‘recession’

It’s getting harder and harder to translate Democrat-ese into English.

It’s getting harder and harder to translate Democrat-ese into English.

The words that you’ve been speaking your entire life – not to mention their traditional definitions in the dictionary – no longer seem to apply when Democrats use them.

Thus, the new Democrat Supreme Court justice says she is unable to define what a woman is because she’s not a biologist.

The secretary of Homeland Security says the southern border is “secure.”

The secretary of energy says that if you’re too poor to afford $5-a-gallon gasoline, just buy a $70,000 Tesla.

Inflation is “a good thing,” not to mention “transitory,” besides which, it has already “peaked.”

If you get a vaccine, you won’t get COVID, says the guy who got not one, but four vaccines, and now has COVID.

They also tell us that men can get pregnant, but that men have no business having an opinion about abortion because they can’t get pregnant.

And now this — amid a torrent of dismal economic news, the Brandon regime has imperiously decreed that a recession can no longer be called a recession.

Traditionally, a recession begins when the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) falls in two consecutive quarters. We’ve already got one such quarter in the books – down 1.6% – and the new numbers come out tomorrow.

But now we’re told that the traditional definition no longer applies.

Janet Yellen is the Treasury Secretary, one of the younger members of the Brandon gerontocracy (she’s 75). Yellen went on a Democrat religious program on Sunday called “Meet the Press” to talk about the r-word that is now verboten.

“Even if that (GDP) number is negative, we are not in a recession now,” she sternly informed the Democrat fluffer who was slobbering over her. “And I would, you know, warn that we should be not characterizing that as a recession.”

She would “warn” us?

You see where all this is going, right? The Democrats’ dreams of an Orwellian “Disinformation Board” may have been temporarily thwarted.

But they still eventually plan to set up a Soviet-style apparat under which such crimethink as mentioning a recession during a Democrat regime could be punished with, at the very least, canceling or shadow-banning on social media.

So some day, if you tweet about a “recession,” you could be vanished. Of course, recession will still be an acceptable word – but only if applied to a Republican administration.

Over the past few days Biden’s care-givers have been all over state-run media, trying to spin this catastrophe that is the Brandon economy. Yellen, Jared Bernstein, Brian Deese – check out their resumes sometime. Their next real jobs will be their first.

When Deese talks about “typical working-class people in this country,” he speaks in the condescending tones of an anthropologist just back from a research expedition to an aboriginal rainforest tribe, except that the anthropologist usually has more empathy for the natives than Deese does for normal Americans.

Deese snickered at the horrible inflation numbers by saying they were just “backward-looking data.”

Aren’t all statistics backward-looking data? Hey, college boy Deese, I’ll give you some backward-looking data – the average price of a gallon of gas was $2.37 a gallon the day Brandon was installed as president.

It’s not a recession, Deese said, it’s a transition.

“Well, we’re in a transition and it feels unique because it is unique.”

Jared Bernstein is another of Biden’s “unique” economic advisers. He too rejects the traditional definition of recession, relying instead on “key economic variables.”

Another of Brandon’s college boys, Gene Sperling, likes to tut-tut about “significant contractionary periods.”

You can understand their fear of the word “recession.” If the Beautiful People tell you everything is beautiful, who are you going to believe – them or your lying eyes, or empty wallet?

Recession isn’t the only word whose meaning has been totally twisted by Democrats.

Consider “racism” – that is now defined in state-run media as anything that runs counter to Democrat party orthodoxy du jour.

Ditto “fascist” – which is what local Democrat thugs scream at the peaceful petition-gatherers for the illegal-alien drivers’ license referendum as they turn over their tables and assault their fellow citizens, much like the Brown Shirts of Weimar Germany who were, in fact… fascists.

Then there’s that old “existential threat to democracy.” In Democrat newspeak, that means Republicans winning an election. came up with a whole “lexicon of leftist locutions.” It’s practically an entire new language.

For instance, compromise comes when a conservative surrenders to a Democrat. A dialogue “is where the left explains and the right agrees.” A national conversation or a town hall is when unhinged liberals scream and you’re required to shut up and listen.

According to, an adult is a 12-year-old child who desires to have his or her genitalia mutilated. A child is a 21-year-old who wants to own a gun.

When a Republican says something offensive, it’s “hate speech,” almost as deplorable as the use of the word recession.

Democrat looting and rioting is “mostly peaceful protests.” Republican speeches on campus – “violence” and “triggering.”

When a Democrat says something offensive like, say, comparing Hispanics to breakfast tacos, we are told that the video clip was 1) “taken out of context,” and 2) “that’s not who she is.”

If you’ve got a problem with gas prices, remember that it’s “Putin’s price hike.” Joe Biden had nothing to do with it. But now that the price is down a few cents – “crumbs,” as Nancy Pelosi used to say – that was singlehandedly accomplished by Dementia Joe.

As for the word recession, I think I’m going to go with an even older definition, from Ronald Reagan when he was running for president against Jimmy Carter in 1980.

“A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job. A recovery is when Carter loses his job.”

I’d only change one word in that quote, and I think you know which one it is.

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