Trust me y’all. I tried to find some info on Susan Rice’s crib but strangely I couldn’t unmask anything on that front.

I did get some images on a possible new home she is considering.



OMG, need to get the number of her landscaper. Those flowers are gorg.

Despite not finding much on Rice, all of the coverage of her unmasking situation led to my inspiration for today’s Cribs of the Libs.

In case you avoided missed CNN today, let me tell you, the moon bat anchors at the Very Fake News Network are in a tailspin. My personal favorite? Don Tequila Lemon.

#LifeTip: When you think a person can’t possibly get any more smug, throw a bow tie on ’em. Guarantee it’ll up their obnoxious level by at least 3 notches.

While Howie’s heart might feel like an alligator on a news day like this, it is clear that Don Lemon’s heart does not. Luckily he has an awesome pad where he can go to decompress from the stress of Right-Wing conspiracies.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the fabulous abode of CNN’s resident drunk frat boy, Don Lemon.

For this tour we must venture to Sag Harbor where, according to, Lemon purchased this quaint $3.1 million dollar home.


Liberals are passionate about 2 things

  1. everyone paying their fair share.
  2. having pool houses.

Such a cozy living room. This is most likely where Donnie does his best “black hole” theorizing.

I wonder what kind of recipes Lemon cooked up after his drunken live New Years Eve disaster. Maybe some one-minute Ramen? Actually, he probs just ordered pizza like any good trashed college bro would.

If you look closely you can see a dresser in the back room. That is where Don keeps all his bow ties.



So there you have it guys. If you continue to be surprised by the left’s lavish lifestyle, I’d ask you to remember this age old adage: When life hands you lemons, make fakes news.






  1. Susan Rice and family are an old Portland Maine family with a hpme on Munjoy Hill. I hope this doesn’t make Howie cry.

  2. You are killing me Grace! You could write for SNL. Wait, if they were funny, wait, well, that is what we need a SNL for us!