Harvey Weinstein has photos with every celebrity known to man. From the movie stars like Clooney to his fellow pervs like Clinton– if Harvey’s met ’em, then there’s probably a picture to prove it.

So it should come as no surprise that a man of both this level of fame and narcissistic tendencies, would build a home fit to be featured in a glossy spread of Architectural Digest.

Trying to sell your home is hard enough, so why not advertise it on newsstands across America.

According to the magazine’s article, “Weinstein recently explained to The Wall Street Journal that they don’t stay in the home as much as they’d like to. The producer and fashion designer previously listed it for $13.5 million, then lowered it to $12.8 million before removing it from the market completely.”

So without further ado…let’s tour this lummox’s lair.


Pretty swanky, am I right?!

Even the occasional $100,000 lawsuit with an aspiring actress can’t put a dent in the kind of money this ogre has massed over the decades.






Yikes. Seeing Harvey’s bedroom is not something anyone should have to endure. Let’s just be thankful the issue didn’t include any pics of his bathroom.

No word yet on where Harvey will be staying in Europe. I’m sure he won’t be looking at any permanent locations though. After all, it would be SO unlike a Hollywood pervert to flee the country for good after being ensnared in lawsuits and accusations.

Just ask Roman Polanski next time you see him in the USA.