I’ve been meaning to do this one for a while guys! But what can I say? There is no shortage of moon bats in the news and every week I put this choice on the backBERNER (LOL!).


Per request from the Captain, I am delivering a C.O.L dedicated to everyone’s favorite socialist/ Larry David look-alike/ almost-President Bernie Sanders.


Howie has been really loving the latest story to come out of the Sanders clan. Starring Jane Sanders or as you may know her, “the most honest person” Bernie knows. The FBI is investigating her for alleged bank fraud related to a Burlington College land deal.


In order to secure a loan from a bank, Mrs.Sanders is alleged to have exaggerated financial pledges. There is also some hilarious stuff about her daughter getting a fat chunk of change from said college for a carpentry school for women. I would get into it but Howie does it far more justice than I could in his column that you can read here.

But needless to say, for people who don’t care about money, the Sanders family seems to be pocketing a lot of it. And that folks is what we call irony…Or hypocrisy…. Or con-artistry. Take your pick.

So in honor of the family of thieves (ALLEGEDLY *wink*), here are some of their properties. Note the plural. Because owning multiple expensive and expansive properties is one of the fundamental stepping stones of being a good pretend socialist.


Let’s start with the most recent purchase. The $600,000 summer house in Lake Champlain. This property sparked a decent amount of media coverage mostly because the headline was too rich (pardon the pun) for even the liberal news outlets to ignore.

An aerial shot shows the great location of this cozy home.

A few more pics to give you the full idea.

But obviously there are two more residences I needed to track down. These ones were not as easy.

The former Mayor of Burlington has another home (which he bought for around $400,000 in 2009) in Vermont. Here is a shot of the outside.

Note that there are ONLY two cars in the driveway. This kind of struggle reminds me of the Warren clan’s plight back in the day, just some Okies trying to get by on the “jagged edge” of the middle class.


#ShakingMyHead #LizWarren #Jagged #Ragged #TheStruggleisReal

Lastly, let’s check out Bernie’s townhouse in D.C.

This house was built in 1890 according to It’s estimated value is around $562,000. No pictures of the inside are available but if you want a live look at Bernie’s medicine cabinet here you go.

And there you have it. Only thing I am not sure of is how many of these homes have basements. And depending on that answer, how many pajama boys should Bernie be expected to house?

Leave your thoughts below.



  1. How pathetic that u have to act like ur 5 and show clips. It’s a wonder why I don’t listen to u I have in the past but all the making fun of all the time isn’t my thing , so I have found more intelligent stations to listen to, it’s a crying shame that like Glen Beck said the back and fourth is getting to bad and it’s losing its speed. People don’t want to hear it except for those who feed off of drama.

  2. Grace my dear, the home is not IN Lake Champlain, it is on the shore of Lake Champlain in the town (or on the island of) North Hero, Grand Isle county. I’m a Vermonter, nobody up here lives IN the Lake. Except the fish. :~)