Finally, I am getting some closure after the terrible crime that I witnessed back in 2003.

Yesterday, the Supreme Judicial Court ruled unanimously that ex-House Speaker Thomas “Felon” Finneran should forfeit his $2,888.30-a-month state pension due to his “false testimony” before the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals back on that rainy Friday morning that changed my life forever.

The Felon was in the middle of a lawsuit against his racist gerrymandering of the legislative districts in the City of Boston. He did it to protect his white hack buddies. When called before the bar of justice, he got up in front of three judges and was sworn as a witness. Then he began lying, in front of several dozen witnesses, including me, who absolutely knew he was lying.

He later blamed his orgy of falsehoods and whoppers on the fact that he was “gulping” 16 Advils a day. You get hooked on Advils, apparently it’s worse than Oxys, or Twinkies. Yeah, that was the ticket, the Felon reasoned, he had an Advil jones.

Personally, I tried not to let his string of Susan Rice-like prevarications destroy my faith in the integrity of the Massachusetts General Court, but I am still not whole.

Naively, I had believed that Felon Finneran would be an improvement over his predecessor, who took a fall for income tax evasion. But then Felon handed over the gavel to another slimy Boston hack, Sal DiMasi, now better known by his own Bureau of Prisons number 27371-038.

Still, I didn’t see any of the other speakers commit their heinous crimes. But I was there in the federal courtroom when Finneran lied. I was actually sitting next to him moments before he went on his crime spree. When I sat down next to him, he glanced over and sneered at me, before returning to reading the little pocket book he had in his lap – a life of Winston Churchill.

That was Felon Finneran – he thought depriving black people in Boston of their constitutional rights was the equivalent of the Battle Britain.

Felon Finneran had nothing to offer but blood, sweat and lies.

As I sat down in the courtroom that dreary day, the Felon ignored me, even though I have known the man forever. This is how long I have known Felon Finneran – I can remember when he had hair.

Anyway, since witnessing his terrible atrocities on the witness stand – lie after lie after lie, as the spectators gasped at the Speaker’s perjury-rama – I hav tried to put my life back together. I wanted to power through, as Hillary would say. But the memories… I still shudder every time I pass the courthouse on Northern Avenue.

When the Felon copped a plea I considered asking to be allowed to make a victim-impact statement at sentencing, about the terrible cynicism I now felt about the local hackerama. But why bother? In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.

The feds didn’t give the Felon even a day in the can for his atrocious crimes. He pleaded out and skated.

Then, after he was disbarred, the Felon went to work at my radio station. He hosted the worst talk show in the history of radio. For station events, to avoid confusion, I had to wear a polo shirt that said, “I AM NOT A FELON.” Then he told the sitting governor that he should put me in the trunk of his Cadillac.

After that, I wrote a letter to the judge who sentenced him, Rick Stearns, and suggested that perhaps the Felon’s “unsupervised probation” should be revoked and he should join Sal DiMasi in the Greybar Hotel.

I got a pro forma response.

Then the Felon got his pension back, thanks to a ruling by a hack judge in Boston who was appointed by Small Deval, the governor Finneran joked with about his plans to kill me. Wonderful.

But yesterday, the SJC finally revoked his pension. At the end of the month, the State Retirement Board will consider how much he put into the state pension system, and how much he took out, improperly.

I hope the Retirement Board end up sending the Felon a bill for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now that would be some real closure.

In the meantime, I’ll take an Advil or two or three….

Howie Carr is the New York Times best-selling author of The Brothers Bulger and Hitman, in addition to several other Boston organized-crime books and two novels. He is the host of a New England-wide radio talk-show syndicated to more than 20 stations, and is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago.


  1. A small victory for the taxpayers … but a victory. In the People’s Republic we need to claim a win against the corrupt system whenever we can.

  2. Finneran will be holding a time to payoff any fines concerning the overpayment of his pension and if you have been or will be indicted in the future you are invited.

  3. Poor Felon Finneran. I feel so bad for him. 😉 Maybe he shouldn’t have lied under oath? Better luck next time Felon.