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CHUMP LINE – 12.21.16

Are you going to get de-friended on Facebook? Howie's pronunciation is under attack. Bill Clinton has a fun fact about the winter solstice.

Chump Line – 8.16.17

Grace is trying to pay for stuff with Honest Howie's Carbon Credits. But is isn't working! Want to listen to the entire podcast? Become a...

Chump Line – 7.26.17

Susan Collins has a really nice invitation for Steve but it comes with some major string attached. Want to listen to the entire podcast?...

Chump Line – 5.3.17

Having no "sense" of the law got Huma out of a lot of trouble but can it get YOU out of a parking ticket?...


Grace is reading the Police Blotters to Curt and Steve and the three are in for some serious laughs. Between smoking avacados and a...

Chump Line – 5.25.17

One reporter's broken glasses is another listener's chump line gold! Want to listen to the entire podcast? Become a VIP Club Member! Already a member?...

Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide – 4.19.17

Howie talks about Aaron Hernandez's suicide. Other topics include Fox News, the book Shattered and an interview with Sheriff Hodgson. Want to listen to...

Trump Takes Mexico – 8.31.16

Donald Trump is in Mexico and it gives the listeners a chance to weigh in on illegal immigration and border control. Other topics include...

CHUMP LINE – 2.3.17

Governor Patrick is calling in to confirm Howie's Harvard claims. But his version of Howie's time there is slightly different. John Kerry is looking...

CHUMP LINE – 12.7.16

Santa is in hot water after calling a kid fat and telling him to lay off the hamburgers. Trump was

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