According to the New York Times, Carlos could be in Danger of some serious prison time after he just plead guilty to a major offense. If you have lost count of all the offenses Weiner has committed and can’t remember what he is pleading guilty to, I don’t blame you. But let’s refresh your memory, this is the charge that he sent obscene material to a 15-year-old girl.

Anthony Weiner is to sexting scandals as a fish is to water. Lord knows how he had any time to print out all of Huma’s classified emails in between sending creepy messages to minors about “rape fantasies.”


I’m shocked that things keep getting worse for Weiner. After all, he ended up putting on a pretty good fight in his campaign for mayor of New York. What did he end up with in the end? 4.9 percent of the vote? For a world-class pervert that is pretty impressive.

And then last year he checked into rehab for sex addiction and was really turning his life around until they asked him to cough up some damn loot.

God, sex rehab people are so insensitive. This isn’t about the money okay unnamed Tennessee ranch sex rehab facility?! This is about healing. Show some sympathy.

All I know is he could face up to 10 years in prison for his admission of guilt. Doesn’t seem like enough to me but as long as he hears the sound of a cell door slamming shut, I’ll be happy.