Vote for the MassGOP winners, not the losers

If you take a Republican ballot Tuesday in Massachusetts, after voting for president you can go down the ballot and vote for GOP state committeeman and state committeewoman.

The choice between the competing slates could not be any starker:

If you’d like to vote for candidates who want to win elections — click below.

Or, if you want even more of the one-party government that’s destroying the Commonwealth, you have a different choice.

Those crackpots are called the Kool Aid Kult — a group of lunatics, some of whom post swastikas on social media as well as pictures of themselves partying with accused child rapists and COVID welfare fraudsters.

Knuckleheads one and all.

The Kool Aid Kult doesn’t just talk about losing. They’re quite proud of their unbroken string of “l’s” from 2019 to 2023 — not a single victory for any open office in MA, losses on every referendum question, not to mention in every Congressional and statewide race.

The Kult also managed to lose three of the state’s four GOP sheriffs, and one of the two county district attorneys. The knuckleheads dropped 10 of the 38 Republican seats in the legislature, in just two elections.

Now they want to reclaim the state committee, so they finish the job they began in 2019.

Namely, total destruction of the state Republican party.

Perhaps you’ve gotten mailers in some of these fights. I understand that sometimes it’s difficult to tell the slates apart. That’s why you should go to to figure out the GOP candidates who’d rather win than lose.

But if you’re in one of maybe five or six districts, it’s very easy to tell the candidates apart.

If the mailer that you got showed a picture of a male candidate identified as “committeewoman” next to a photo of a woman identified as “committeeman,” then that’s from the Kool Aid Kult. It’s their m.o. — everything that can possibly be screwed up, is.

I’m telling you, they’re all knuckleheads. It just isn’t possible to lose every single political race over four years without being very bleeping stupid.

Rep. Dave DeCoste is a candidate for reelection to the state committee. He put it very well when he said, “This is not a left-vs.-right battle. It’s competence vs. incompetence.”

With its record of utter failure, the Kult is reduced to proclaiming its allegiance to Donald J. Trump.

Which is pretty funny because the Kult’s capo di tutti knuckleheads is Jim “Jones” Lyons. He started out in politics as a loyal Dukakis-Kennedy apparatchik (he ran for the legislature as a Democrat twice in the 1980s) to being a rabid anti-Trumper in 2016.

Then there’s Lyons’ disciple, Deadbeat DoorDash Diehl, a perennial loser who voted for Joe Biden in the 2008 Democrat presidential primary.

He’s admitted it. Deadbeat DoorDash Diehl is a Joe Biden voter.

The Dukakis fanboy and the Biden booster now consider themselves arbiters of who is and isn’t a RINO in Massachusetts. They attack Amy Carnevale, the party chairman who ousted Lyons last year.

Check out these photos of Amy with POTUS. One was taken in the summer of 2016 before the election.

The other was taken in the Oval Office. Perhaps you can also recognize Jim Brown, NFL Hall of Fame running back.

Amy was a delegate for Trump in 2016 when Lyons was trying to deny him the nomination.

Another thing about the Kool Aid Kult. They like to lie. They like to lie a lot.

Check out the accompanying article about Diehl’s recent lying jag on the radio, in which he accused me and GOP chair Amy Carnevale of basically laundering money, which in addition to being illegal would endanger my radio stations’ FCC licenses.

“There’s evidence!” Diehl lied. “Five hundred a month is being paid to the Howie Carr Show from the MassGOP. It sounds like it’s a loan that’s being repaid… (but) it’s a part of the pay-to-play game that he’s been doing for a long time.”

The fact is, that money has been owed to me for years… for ads from Diehl’s wretched 2022 campaign. Like dozens of other vendors, I was stiffed by the knuckleheads.

Amy’s state committee is slowly repaying me for public bills Diehl’s hapless campaign ran up. But now that she’s trying to settle his debt, Deadbeat DoorDash has accused both of us of breaking the law.

By the way, the total amount of outstanding Diehl campaign bills being disputed in court is more than $250,000. That’ll be a lot of pizza runs for DoorDash.

But wait, Diehl’s not the only deadbeat in the Kool Aid Kult.

Diehl’s running mate was Leah Allen, and as Carnevale noted in a memo correcting Diehl’s preposterous lies:

“Notably, the party is still owed $19,000 for a mailer sent on behalf of the Allen campaign as a result of a bounced or returned check. We await confirmation on when this payment will be remitted.”

When the phone don’t ring, Amy, you’ll know it’s one of the Diehl-Lyons knuckleheads.

Deadbeat DoorDash Diehl is running for re-election to the state committee Tuesday. He’s being opposed by Larry Novak, a disbarred attorney whose federal Bureau of Prisons number is 25796-038.

Larry did six years for money laundering, and now he spends every day knocking on doors, talking to Republicans Deadbeat DoorDash Diehl has long since forgotten.

You know what? If I lived in the Second Plymouth & Norfolk District, I’d vote for Larry Novak over Diehl in a second. It’s a no-brainer, and not just because Larry doesn’t owe me any money.

And he’s not a knucklehead.

“The difference between Diehl and me is that I actually want to win elections,” Novak told me Friday night. “All he cares about is the titles, the trappings. He’s never had any interest in actually doing the work; none of that Lyons crowd ever has. That’s why they never won anything.”

Novak was just warming up about the widely acclaimed Uber driver Diehl.

“I’ve never seen him here in Brockton, not once. He never visits the local town committees. Diehl and his whole bunch — they’re just plain lazy.”

Awhile back, crooked Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards was between prison terms. So he decided to run for governor again, this time against a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Edwards’ campaign produced a bumper sticker:

“Vote for the crook, it’s important!”

How about we change that slogan around a little for my new pal Larry Novak:

“Vote for Larry Novak, the only candidate in the fight who’s paid his debt to society — or to anybody else.”

Or maybe this one:

“Vote for Larry Novak — at least he’s never voted for Joe Biden.”