Trump Derangement Syndrome screed

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, and if you don’t believe me, consider what happened to a man we’ll call Mr. X last Saturday afternoon.

He and his wife were going to the Bruins game, and they parked on Bowker Street, off New Chardon Street, near Boston Police Area A1, Channel 7 and Government Center.

Not exactly a residential neighborhood, in other words.

Anyway, Mr. X has a Ford F-150 pick-up truck. He’s a big Trump guy, and on his back windshield are affixed the following bumper stickers.

“Trump 2024.”

And below that is a sticker with a picture of Biden and the caption, “And we thought Obama was an idiot!’

Next, “Don’t spread my wealth, spread my work ethic.”

Then, “Biden Is Not My President” and next to that one, “Biden Sucks.”

Finally, there’s a very tasteful “Trump 2024 Take America Back.”

Mr. and Mrs. X went to the game, enjoyed the Bruins’ exciting overtime victory over the Panthers, and then walked back in the rain to their pick-up truck.

Tucked under the windshield wiper, in an envelope, was the following missive, unsigned but quite grammatical, no misspellings or misplaced apostrophes – in short, not the way most Democrats write.

Here’s the letter to the Trump voter, in its entirety:

“You are an ignorant bigot!! You are so dumb. You think that Trump would welcome you to his home in Florida? No!!

“All he wants from you is your vote and nothing more. You are a low-life truck driver with a poor education going nowhere which is why you hate blacks and other people of color because you will never be accepted by the better class of people from Newton and Wellesley.

“You live in a cycle of ignorance. Your parents were probably ignorant and uneducated, and if you had children and raised them, they don’t respect you or they will turn out just like you… a racist, beer-drinking, meat-eating low life.

“There is hope. Go to (church’s name redacted) and ask for help and a new and better life.

“By the way, I am white, and have a lifestyle very different from yours.”

It was, of course, unsigned.

I redacted the name of the church because why do they deserve to be associated with such hate speech?

But when it comes to church-going, I thought Democrats didn’t have much use for Bible thumpers. But when they’re the ones thumping the Good Book, I guess it’s just fine.

Mr. X, at whom this hate-filled screed was directed, has a master’s degree. Not that that fact is dispositive, to use a word that deplorables like us aren’t supposed to know the meaning of. But even by Democrat standards, a master’s should mean something, right?

Next, why does driving a truck make one “uneducated?” Are all truck drivers “uneducated?” Compared to who, or whom?

I asked Mr. X why he thought the Democrat called him a “racist.” Probably the reference to Obama.

“But I don’t get the ‘racist’ slur,” he said. “My sticker says Biden is even dumber than Obama. How does that make me racist? I said the white guy is even more stupid than Obama.”

And what’s up with the slur against beer drinkers? Has the writer ever heard of… Dylan Mulvaney? S/he likes a Bud Light, as you may recall.

How about mentioning the “better class” of people in Wellesley and Newton? On this one I have direct knowledge. Only a complete idiot would think that those chichi suburbs have a “better class” of people than in them than… anywhere else.

Since the Biden-worshiping epistle writer is so judgmental, can we cheeseburger-loving beer-guzzling F-150 owners make some assumptions about him/her/zir?

First of all, the writer is a person who makes sure you know “their” preferred pronouns.

Also, I will bet they are looking forward to getting some of Joe Biden’s student loan “bailouts,” if they haven’t already gotten thousands in handouts.

The question is not whether they work for a non-profit, it’s which one.

The writer of this hate speech most assuredly “works from home,” which at a non-profit (and admittedly most other places) means they don’t work at all, and haven’t since COVID.

As hate-filled as this person is, if “they” are one of the better class who owns a home in Newton or Wellesley, they definitely have a sign in the front yard that says:

“Hate Has No Home Here.”

On social media, their avatar is a blue-and-gold Ukrainian flag. Or was. Ukraine is just so 2022.

If they own a pet, odds are it’s a cat, not a dog.

When I was reading this virtue-signaling letter on the air the other day, listeners were asking me if I thought it was a man or a woman. I would guess a male, but I’m not sure.

I just wonder where exactly they penned the note, in that neighborhood, in the rain. Even more importantly, didn’t they have something better to do on a Saturday afternoon?

Where they consumed with rage because Mr. and Mrs. X were enjoying themselves at a sporting event?

Did the author follow them to the Garden? Did s/he watch them walk in and say, “Aha! Bruins’ fans! No wonder they’re MAGA!”

On the other hand, they probably don’t even know anybody who follows any sports.

I am surprised, though, that the writer was recommending a Christian church for Mr. X. Doesn’t Satan have a temple somewhere nearby downtown?

Actually, when you think about it, Mr. X is fortunate that all he got is a letter. These Democrats have no compunctions about doing much, much worse to a vehicle, especially when the owner isn’t there to protect it.

“I understand that,” said Mr. X. “I’ve gotten a lot of fingers from other drivers since I put the bumper stickers on, but I’ve also gotten a lot of thumbs up, and positive honks.”

But what drove the writer over the edge?

“I’m guessing it was the ‘work ethic’ bumper sticker,” he said. “If there’s one thing that drives them crazy, it’s talking about working for a living.”