Trooper hits a new low in Karen Read trial. ‘So far no nudes’ and worse

Hos long until this Karen Read trial is over?

We finally got what we were waiting for yesterday in Dedham, and it was just as appalling as advertised.

Hos is it possible that Trooper Michael “Chip” Proctor has not been fired?

Hos is he still investigating murders for the office of his fellow knucklehead, Norfolk County District Attorney Michael “Meatball” Morrissey?

Pick the rottenest, most corrupt trooper you can think – Chip is worse, much worse. He’s worse than all of Troop E combined, and they were disbanded because they stole so much money.

Proctor called the defendant, Karen Read, the “c” word. He made jokes about her disease (MS) or maybe her sex life. He called a “girl” and made fun of her “Fall River accent.”

He said he was scrubbing her cell phones but “so far no nudes.”

He said he “couldn’t wait to arrest this whack job.”

Hos do the Boston Globe’s blow-in columnists from a different hemisphere feel about this case now? But then, these are the same crack scribes who swooned over Monica Cannon-Grant and Rachael Rollins.

They got the vapors thinking about how wonderful it would be to put a white woman in prison. Anyone who supported Karen Read was a racist. That’s basically what they said.

And they wonder why they’re going under almost as fast as GBH and WBUR.

This vile corrupt skinhead Canton meathead was even texting back and forth with his older sister, who told him that “the McAlberts,” on whose lawn the body of John O’Keefe had been found, wanted to send him a “thank-you gift” for putting the cuffs on the r-word, c-word “girl” with no ass.

What did Trooper Proctor say?

“Send it to my wife.”

Joe Biden had his son Hunter working as his bagman. Proctor was using his sister Courtney.

His ears turning red, Skinhead Proctor said, “I never received a gift, I never asked for a gift. My wife never asked for a gift and my wife never received a gift.”

But you did ask for one. It’s right in the texts that the FBI found.

One of his buddies from Can-UHN High texted at him after BPD Officer O’Keefe’s body was found on the lawn:

“I’m sure the owner of the home will receive some (expletive).”

“Nope,” the bent statie replied. “Homeowner is a Boston cop too.”

How crooked are these hacks? Proctor is so crooked he needs a corkscrew to get into his trousers in the morning. He admits he’s taking care of the cops, whose relatives are offering him a “thank-you gift.”

Proctor was forced to read his vile texts aloud to the jury in court yesterday and to a national audience on line and on cable TV.

And all he could say in his own pathetic defense was:

“Comments I shouldn’t have made, that I’m not proud of. These juvenile, unprofessional comments have zero impact on the fact, the evidence and the integrity of the case.”

What integrity? You’re a Massachusetts state trooper working for an obese Democrat hack who at the age of almost 70 has never once lifted his snout from the public trough.

Of the 17 jurors and alternates in the courtroom in Dedham, 10 are women. More than half of them are over 50. How do you think Proctor’s despicable misogyny goes over with them?

He sent a lot of the most loathsome comments to his fellow “investigators” in the Norfolk DA’s office.

Alan Jackson, the defense attorney, asked him:

“Were you ever reprimanded? Were you ever dressed down by your State Police superiors for doing something so abhorrent?”

“Not that I can recall,” said Chip, who made $146,000 last year on the prowl for nudes on defendants’ cell phones.

Earlier yesterday, there was testimony about the taillight on Karen Read’s SUV.

Which cop are you going to believe?

The local Dighton cop who said he saw “damage… it was cracked and a piece was missing, but not completely damaged.”

Or are you going to believe the skinhead $146,000-a-year hack state trooper saying that the taillight “large parts of it are missing.”

Maybe he’s still looking for that “thank-you gift” from the McAlberts.

Earlier in the day, it was Sgt. Yuriy Bukhenik, the $211,000-a-year hulking thug type who is (at least for the moment) Proctor’s boss. He sent back smile emojis when Proctor texted him particularly vile comments about Karen Read.

Bukhenik is even dumber than Proctor. Hecan’t even do simple math. At one point yesterday morning, Alan Jackson, the defense attorney, asked him about the magically disappearing video from the Canton Police Department garage.

JACKSON: “From 5:08 approximately to 5:50 approximately, how much time is that?”

BUKHENIK (after grimacing in what appeared to be great distress as he attempted to calculate the numbers without taking off his socks): “Approximately 48?”

JACKSON: “Approximately 42, right?”

Here are some more of Bukhenik’s finest moments yesterday. All dems-dese-dose dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“Dere was a possibility dat de decdent was struck in da face wit’ a glass.”

“Da video appears as if a person appeared in da video.”

“Based on de evidence dat was produced, da video dat was produced is what we got.”

Proctor’s cross examination continues Wednesday. No trial today. It’s Tuesday. It’s the hackerama.