The Massachusetts Republican Comeback is in Your Hands

The Massachusetts Republican Party is on the cusp of either making a huge comeback or going extinct.

Your vote on Tuesday, March 5th will decide the direction.

It comes down to one question: are we any better off than we were a year ago?

When it comes to the Massachusetts Republican Party, the answer is YES.

Our new chairwoman, Amy Carnavale, has gotten us out of debt, stopped suing fellow Republicans, and most importantly provided support so candidates can win again. Under Amy’s leadership, the party has a 100% record in winning special elections!

In four years, the former party chairman lost 16 offices it had controlled – two constitutional officers, three sheriffs, two district attorneys and 10 of the 38 legislative seats on Beacon Hill. We lost two referendum questions and failed to get enough signatures to get ballot access on several others.

Under the previous regime that controlled the state committee, the state Republican party did not win a single special election! Not one.

Finally, in November, then-Rep. Peter Durant won an open state Senate seat that had been held by a Democrat who resigned. But first the prior regime tried to sabotage him, first by promoting a candidate who didn’t even live in the distrct, and then by trying to convince a candidate who had just lost a race for state rep to run in the primary – not to actually win the special, but to increase his visibility to run for… state committee.

In other words, the prior regime was more concerned about controlling the state committee – and the money that comes with it – than in actually winning elections for real political office.

This four years of historically bad management of the state GOP until last year are why when you ask the question of whether we are better off in state government than a year ago, the answer is a resounding NO!    

Gov. Maura Healey is a disaster.  We are now providing welfare for 8000 so-called families, which we all know are illegal immigrants. It is costing taxpayers billions of dollars with no end in sight.

Even the Democrats in the legislature are starting to panic. As the House speaker said Wednesday, “We are on our own now.”

Healey has declared a state of emergency so municipal elected officials cannot stop her crackpot resettlement of thousands of Third World indigents.  The hands of elected municipal officials are tied. They cannot stop their communities from being overrun because the Governor is ruling under a state of emergency, just as Charlie Baker did under COVID, and this time with even more catastrophic results. 

The Commonwealth has gone from having surplus tax revenue in the billions with refunds to lawabiding American taxpayers to raiding the rainy-day fund to pay for foreign freeloaders.  That’s after the state has instituted the so-called millionaires’ tax and is now collecting new revenue from sports betting.  Yet we are still hemorrhaging tax revenue!

The state is being charged $64 a day just to feed each illegal alien, in addition to the free lodging and every other possible welfare handout.

Meanwhile, American citizens are now being urged to adjust their food budgets – to eat cereal for dinner. Are illegal aliens eating Corn Flakes for dinner?

Healey, who promised in her campaign commercials to cut taxes, has instead filed legislation to allow communities to increase local taxes such as the excise and meals taxes. Why stop there? In order to balance the budget, Healey is going to cut state local aid that funds our police, fire and schools. Her legislation will allow the municipalities to whack us locally to make up the difference.

But, she will not stop with local taxes. Healey has just created a Transportation Funding Task Force. This group is not to find budget savings, or reform the hackerama. It is for determining which taxes to raise.  Will it be open-road tolling or will it be a gas tax hike?

You get the picture. Healey is a catastrophe. If there were a way to recall her, the effort would be happening right now.

All of this means that the Massachusetts Republican Party has a golden opportunity to make gains next November. That’s right; we can win. Just consider Peter Durant’s victory for State Senate last November.  Despite the odds being stacked against him, he won by a good margin in a seat that had not been held by a Republican in 50 years!

But to win, we need a Republican State Chair who is focused on victories, not settling personal scores.  We need a Republican State Chair who can raise money, not put the party in debt. We need a Republican State Chair who holds Democrats accountable, and isn’t squandering party funds suing fellow Republicans and hiring private detectives to hire his perceived foes.

If a Republican is listed on Howie’s Picks, that means they will vote for Amy Carnevale who is a competent chairwoman. The other slate wants to go back to losing everything. The only thing they know how to do in lose. They had four years without a single victory.

We are at that proverbial fork in the road. Will the state Republican party go extinct, or will it seize the moment to make a comeback?

Republicans and unenrolled voters, it is up to you on Tuesday to keep the two-party system alive in Massachusetts.