The 6-figure Salaries in Michael Proctor’s Group Chat

Trooper Michael “Chip” Proctor: $146,050 in salary, overtime and “other” in 2023.

Here are the cops he was texting his vile, misogynist messages to, with their rank and total 2023 pay, including salary, overtime and “other” last year, per state comptroller.

  • Lt. John Fanning: $230,960.
  • Sgt. Yuriy Bukhenik: $211,080.
  • Trooper Chris Moore: $142,110.
  • Trooper Jeff Kotkowski: $142,980.
  • Dave Dicicco: $155,560.

The head of the State Police detective unit in the Norfolk County district attorney’s office is Lt. Brian Tully, expected to be a witness tomorrow at the Karen Read trial in Dedham after Chip’s demolition is complete.

Tully made $214,640 last year.