Sight-seeing MV illegal alien stiffs Hyannis bar, stays until last call


We just spoke with Peter Kempton, owner of Flashback:

“Apparently this guy came in around 10-10:30. He had a couple of beers and tried to pay for them with a government-gift card. He had three of them, the first two were dead but he had a little left on the third one.

“When he tried to pay, he was about $2 short, but he wasn’t bothering anybody, so we just let him stick around until closing time. Tried to talk to him with one of those interpreter apps, but it didn’t work. He liked the music, and he didn’t want to leave, but finally he had to, because we had to close. There was nothing physical.

“The cops picked him up on Winter Street, about a mile away, a couple of hours later. Nobody’s [at Flashback] yet, so I don’t know what happened to his glasses.”

Original post:

It didn’t take long for one of the 50 illegal aliens sent to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to contact with the local constabulary independent of the group.

The man, identified only as Enrique, became separated from a group of some of the other 50 illegals that had been taken by bus from Joint Base Cape Cod into Hyannis on Sunday.

Unable to find his way back to JBCC, Enrique decided the next best course of action was to settle into a local watering hole for a brew or two… or more. The establishment of choice was Flashback, a retro arcade and bar on Main Street in downtown Hyannis.

Apparently, after several beers and perhaps one too many games of Pac-Man, Enrique, a former horse jockey in Venezuela, had overstayed his welcome in Flashback. As he told Robert Bastille of Hyannis News, he was forcibly removed from the bar and tossed out into the street, leaving his pre-loaded debit card and his glasses inside.

Venezuelan illegal alien Enrique speaks with police in downtown Hyannis – Robert Bastille/Hyannis News

After speaking with police (with Bastille’s help translating), Enrique was escorted back to JBCC early Monday morning to join the rest of the newly arrived illegal residents of Massachusetts.

You can read the entire story as reported by Hyannis News here.