Republicans could be extinct by 2024

There were a plethora of outrageous statements made by President Biden at his presser this week.  One is particularly sticking in my craw.  He said he didn’t know if the Republican Party will be in existence in four years.  What?

While many people and pundits will easily dismiss that verbiage as another crazy statement from Blundering Biden, it is really alarming me.  Are we, Republicans, the actual Party going to be cancelled?  Everything else is being cancelled  – Dr. Seuss. Mr. Potato Head, Dumbo, Peter Pan, so why wouldn’t the Democrats try to cancel the GOP? 

I don’t think it is that farfetched.  Remember, when Biden said this before the election:  “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”  That comment was dismissed, but it was absolutely true.  Democrats cheated to capture the Presidency and now the media and big tech are cancelling anyone that questions the integrity of the election process.

You know how it goes.  The evil empire will label us even more so as racists and dangerous that must be stopped and eliminated.  We will be added to a long list of free speech and thought to that has to be wiped out.  Dr. Seuss became public enemy number one.  Mr. Potato Head had to go.  Trumpers, who peacefully attended the January 6th rally, have lost their jobs.  President Trump has been banned from Twitter and Facebook.  Mike Lindell was cancelled for daring to say voter fraud.  Do I need to go on?

Democrats are now calling the Senate filibuster a racist tool.  They want to rewrite the Constitution to allow DC to be a state giving them more control of the Senate.

It is clear as the nose on our face that these progressives will go as low and as dirty as possible for the power.  What is there largest hurdle from total power?  Answer: Republicans.  Their worst fear is the GOP taking back control of Congress in less than 2 years.

So you have been warned, Republicans are going to be cancelled.