Police Blotter Fax Friday: You Want a Pizza This? [WITH MUGSHOTS]

Tune in every Friday at 5:30 for the strangest, silliest (and sometimes sexual) stories submitted by listeners like you. Check out the headlines we got a kick out of this week!

Emu Still on the Run in Illinois

  • Unfortunately, they don’t make birds take mugshots.

Florida Cops Called to “Fight in Progress” Find Two Goats Brawling

Florida man Arrested for “Dancing Nude” in Median

Beachgoers Stunned to See Enormous ALLIGATOR Soaking Up the Sun on Alabama Island

Herd of Cows Help Police Locate Suspect Who Fled During Traffic Stop

  • Utterly ridiculous!

Long Island Pizzaiolo Wallops Co-Worker with Pizza Peel During Fight [MUGSHOT]

Witness Said Villager Who Hit Golf Cart “Could Barely See Over the Steering Wheel” [MUGSHOT]

Thieves Stole 200 Sneakers Worth $13K—but All for the Right Foot

  • Was one of their names Eileen?

Drumroll, please! Here is this week’s winner:

Owner of a Pest Control Company Caught on Camera Peeing All Over Customer’s Living Room