Police Blotter Fax Friday: Good Grief, She’s Naked! – 3.1.24

Listen as you peruse these stories:

NAKED AND UNAFRAID: Nude woman battles lady armed with spiked club – Daily Mail, Noa Halff

Man indicted for allegedly lacing THC in ice cream that was sold at Newmarket cafe – WCVB 5, Matt Leighton

Groom’s ‘unhinged’ mom hired goons to throw red paint at bride as she walked down the aisle — and she didn’t stop there – NYPost

Cops: Cinnamon Roll Robber Is Now On Ice – The Smoking Gun

Employees at Ky. Dairy Queen claim they were forced to eat ice cream mixed with cleaning solution – WKYT

Porsche problem: Arrested after being told he couldn’t buy a car with a $78 million check – KOMO News

Strip Club Patron Battered With Cash Stack – The Smoking Gun

Mom loses $800K disability case after photos emerge of her winning tree-throwing competition – NYPOST, Emma Colton (Fox News)