Parker, the “Republican” Party Pooper – 12.11.20

With so many people wondering how do we survive another two years of Governor Charlie Parker, what does it mean to be a Republican in this state?  

Not only is Parker single-handedly wiping out the Massachusetts economy for a 0.15 percent chance of dying from COVID-19, but he has also destroyed the brand and credibility of the Republican Party.  Never have our registration numbers been so low.  There is no one else to blame for the Commonwealth’s collapse.  The legislature refuses to challenge his dictatorial authority and President Trump is on the opposite side of every issue.

The GOP has always been an advocate for a strong economy, but that’s gone with the wind under Parker’s leadership.  Last spring when he shut down everything to “flatten the curve,” it might have been understandable with it being his first time dealing with the pandemic.  But now, there is no excuse for his recent wave of horrible decisions.  Next month we will learn that during the Christmas season we lost additional jobs, not to mention more businesses permanently calling it quits.  

Republicans have always valued life.  Putting aside the abortion issue, Parker has shown a complete disregard for life.  Clearly he did not learn anything from all the deaths at the Holyoke Soldiers Home.  His administration is currently putting COVID patients back into nursing homes.  That’s insane!

Moreover, Parker cannot claim good management skills.  Along with nursing homes, the MBTA, the Registry, and the State Police should all be declared disaster zones.

Republicans have always been the party of protecting taxpayers.  Even before the pandemic, Parker had betrayed us with the Transportation Climate Initiative that will increase the gas tax 17 cents in the first year.  This is also another form of insanity considering he won his first term on the issue of opposing automatic gas tax hikes.

Our party has always claimed to be fiscally responsible.  It is the Democrats who want to give away free stuff to everyone.  However, what fiscally responsible action has Parker taken during the pandemic?  Has one state worker been furloughed?  Has the public sector felt the pain that the private sector is enduring?  Has one ounce of fat been trimmed in any state agency? We all know the answers.

Under Parker’s leadership, we cannot claim to be the voice of the people.  Unless you have a lobbyist, your business has been screwed during this pandemic.  

Our only hope for the Republican brand is that there is one ounce of good left in Parker and that he will veto the Police Reform bill, so that we are the party of public safety.