Even the SJWs Have Noticed MA’s Illegal Alien Influx

A group calling itself Lawyers for Civil Rights has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They want to obtain “information around the recent increase of newly-arrived migrants to Massachusetts.”

Who would have guessed that I would agree with a social justice group? 

Their press release says: “As the number of migrants arriving in Massachusetts continues to grow, community leaders and policymakers continue to assess the needs of the newly arrived migrants. Yes, many questions linger because immigration data is limited and sporadic. The total number of arriving migrants – and their demographic profile – remains unclear.”

You would think that either Howie, Jessica Vaughn from the Center for Immigration Studies, or I wrote this request except they use the word “migrant.” 

I say let the data flow! How many more illegals are in Massachusetts? Are they really families or are they members of violent gangs?  How many have criminal records? What crimes have they committed? How many in free public housing? How many are in our schools? How many are on welfare? We have the right to know about this invasion and how much it’s costing taxpayers? So thank you Lawyers for Civil Rights for filing the FOIA.

These uber lefties probably have a good chance of obtaining the information. According to their website, they are on the “frontlines in today’s battle for equality and justice.” While the Biden Administration stonewalls Judicial Watch’s FOIAs, it sounds like these guys have the social-justice-warrior credentials to get the statistics out of the Justice Department.

While LCR wants this data to urge more spending of tax dollars for illegals under the pretense that they deserve justice from a country they broke into, we need to use the information to educate the public. Why? Previous polling data has shown that middle-of-the-road voters get outraged when they learn the cost of illegal immigration. And they should be angry.

Before Biden, the Commonwealth had over 225,000 illegals costing working Americans over $2 billion a year.  That figure covers the cost of education, in-state tuition breaks, public safety or housing. We have most likely doubled those numbers in the last two years. Ouch!

That means Massachusetts taxpayers are on the hook for $4 billion a year to support the undocumented Democrats in the non-working classes. What does it cost you and me in dollars and cents? If the legislature had left the 1986 62F law intact, we could be getting an even bigger refund check back from the state this year and many years to come. 

While we lost question 4 on stopping licenses for illegal immigrants last November, I still believe that most legal citizens do not support a Massachusetts where you have to Press 2 for English. A poorly managed ballot campaign (Jim Jones Lyons, I’m talking to you!) should not deter the GOP from speaking out and leading on this issue while it is still our state.

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