Migrant motels morph into extended stay

On Sunday, I wrote about the taxpayer-funded flophouses for illegal aliens that the state has been setting up in low-rent motels (and other places) across Massachusetts.

My column consisted mostly of a letter I’d received from someone who works in one of them.

This employee has observed what happens when Democrats throw out the red carpet for untold thousands of lawless, unskilled, non-English-speaking Third World indigents and put them on every possible kind of lavish welfare – apparently forever.

I asked readers to tell me what’s going on in the now-shuttered fleabag motels in their communities.

Let’s start with this letter from a law-enforcement officer in the central part of the state with at least one of these dystopian flophouses:

“Same here for our motel. Everything is free – it’s like witnessing Tony Soprano on vacation.

“Free everything – diapers, condoms, food, rides. You name it. With one exception – our ‘migrants’ (to call them that is a joke as we have found that many are not who they claim) actually have a dozen or so cars registered to them.

“Nice cars too. Not a junker you would see a normal American driving. Not a driver’s license in sight but no problem with registering a car. Unbelievable. It defies common sense.”

This is a LEO saying this. You can now apparently register a car, even if you can’t be bothered getting a driver’s license. And the cops can’t do anything about it, at least if you’re a member of a protected class, i.e., illegal.

“The real irony is when I witness a (redacted) bus sitting in the parking lot waiting to give them rides (2X a day paid for by guess who?) and no one is boarding the bus. Gee – I wonder why???

“Like I always say – keep working sucker….”

More confirmation that, as my Sunday source said, these illegals are being assimilated into our culture – at least the culture of welfare dependency. Once they flop here, the first lesson the illegals absorb is that they don’t have to obey any laws.

The second thing they figure out, as they’re showered with free stuff by the welfare-industrial complex and never asked to lift a finger for themselves, is that only gringos work.

If you check the right boxes, everything free in America, as the old song goes.

Even the Globe, believe it or not, has reported on this pernicious phenomenon among the undocumented Democrats. In November, the Globe reported on two Haitians who moved here and briefly worked until they got the memo. At which point they realized they could live off Uncle Sam, forever.

“They left their jobs and sought state assistance.”

As the Globe reported, they moved to the free flophouse for foreign freeloaders in Woburn.

It’s not just the old no-tell motels that have been taken over.

In East Cambridge, the illegals have been dumped into half of the old probate courthouse on Cambridge Street. The other half of the building is occupied by the Registry of Deeds.

The long-unoccupied half of the building lacked, among other things, sprinklers and showers. According to locals, the illegals were initially supposed to shower at nearby MIT. But for some reason, MIT suddenly balked when offered the opportunity to Celebrate Diversity up close and personal.

So the state had to take over part of the courthouse parking lot to make room for shower trucks. Which meant that some of the Registry employees (also known as hacks) lost their coveted free Cambridge parking spaces so the illegals could take occasional baths.

Do you know the quickest way to start a riot in the hackerama? Take away a payroll patriot’s free parking space.

Oh the humanity! To preserve domestic tranquility, eventually the state just grabbed some metered spaces on nearby streets. In other words, law-abiding American taxpayers who used to park in the few remaining public spaces on First or Cambridge Street were yet again bleep out of luck.

Next, the illegals were shooed out of the courthouse during a weekday period they were utterly unfamiliar with – “working hours.” Because American citizens — you know, people who have jobs, play by the rules and pay taxes — conduct business at the Registry during those “working hours.”

So the undocumented Democrats vacate the premises for a few hours each day. What happens then? My correspondent says door-to-door begging is out of control in the area. A local church’s hall has been inundated. As for the rumors of a TB outbreak among the masses yearning to live, er breathe free – those are apparently unfounded.

A woman from Mattapoisett sent me photos of the Home2Suites by Hilton in Raynham, and all the carts from the local Wal-Mart outside, asking why the indolent illegals don’t bother to return them.

“My parents, who worked and paid taxes, were on a waiting list for years to get into elderly housing.”

On Sunday we ran photos from what was once the Holiday Inn in Marlboro, now “Closed” to public. A reader drove by and sent me this update:

“Drove by yesterday, there were 5 Ubers picking up ‘residents’ and two more pulling up the driveway. 30 or more cars parked by the support staff, including a payroll patriot with a Biden/Harris bumper sticker.”

Another reader sent me a photo of another converted flophouse just off 128.

“The owner lives on a palatial estate in Lexington,” he wrote. “How many illegals live near him, I wonder.”

Meanwhile, the state’s revenue projections for January came in $263 million below expectations. That’s seven months in a row Massachusetts government collected less money than expected.

There’s an old saying, if you want to get less of something, tax it. If you want to get more of something, subsidize it.

We’re taxing the American working classes, and they’re going away – literally. We’re showering the non-American non-working classes with billions upon billions of welfare bucks, and they’re swarming into Massachusetts to start enjoying their forever all-expenses-paid vacations.

What could possibly go wrong?

As my cop friend says, “Keep working, suckers!”