Right-to-Settle Unsettling for MA Taxpayers

This is a 911 alert for Massachusetts taxpayers. 

The Commonwealth is a right-to-settle state. In fact, we are the only right-to-settle state in the country, so that means every illegal alien coming over the border could be sent here and we would have to pay for their emergency housing. 

Over the past week, we have learned that Massachusetts is the recipient of 4338 new “families.”  Of course, they are calling them “Haitian families” because they can seek asylum and they don’t have to go back if we elect a Republican President.

Almost 3500 of the families have been settled into shelters while 867 are being housed in hotels. If each hotel room costs $150 per night, taxpayers are shelling out $130,050 per day, $910,350 per week, and $47,338,200 per year.

The state has contracted with the hotels for one year, so either the Healey administration believes that these families will not be supporting themselves for months or they are planning to import more foreigners who don’t work over the next year. Hmmm, is this why our new Governor has spent so much time in Washington?

These “Haitian” families are most likely receiving EBT cards.  If each family has been given one EBT card worth $1000 per month, that alone is costing us $4.3 million per month and $52 million per year. 

For just EBT and hotel housing, we are paying $99,394,200. If the state shelters are being managed at a lower cost than a hotel, say $50 per night, that is costing us $173,550 per day, $1,214,850 per week, and $63,172,200 per year.  So now our burden is up to $162 million for the newcomers. These are low-ball estimates that do not include medical care, public safety, or educational costs.  And it doesn’t end there.

If you remember from a few weeks ago, I wrote about Beacon Hill pushing to pass S.76 and H.135 that would provide state-funded nutrition benefits to “legally present immigrants” a/k/a “Haitian families” and cash assistance to “immigrant families.”  That will be another big chunk of our tax dollars.

Before the Biden administration, illegal immigration was costing Massachusetts residents $2 billion per year.  That was for health care, housing, and welfare.

(Whatever happened to that old law requiring all immigrants to have a sponsor in the US so that they wouldn’t become public charges, i.e., welfare bums? Was that law ever repealed? How many illegals today aren’t “public charges” in one way or another?)

These staggering welfare costs for non-citizens do not even include education and public safety expenses. An estimated 130,000 additional illegals have arrived in the Commonwealth since Biden took office. How many of them do you suppose are on welfare? Even the ones who have jobs are most likely getting assorted types of assistance? And what about their children, who don’t speak English.

So looking at all the various goodies for the new 4338 “families,” law-abiding American taxpayers are paying well over $2 billion to support the undocumented Democrats!

While the federal government needs to shut the borders, Massachusetts must repeal the right-to-settle law!  We are facing financial ruin if we don’t.