‘Fairness For All Elections’

There is no time to waste!  The GOP needs to get to work on fighting the Democrats and saving our country from socialism.  

First on the agenda must be restoring the integrity to our election process.  For snowflakes and soccer moms, we should name the effort — ‘Fairness for All Elections.”

What should our objectives be?

While the issue of term limits cuts across party lines nationwide, enacting it will take a decade due to all the legal and Constitutional hurdles as we saw in Massachusetts with the ballot question for state legislators being killed twice by Bacon Hill.  However, that doesn’t mean we cannot pass term limits at the local level for School Committees, City Councils, and Board of Selectmen.  

Beyond term limits, there are other areas of needed ‘reform.’  One of the largest and most unknown incumbency protection ‘rigging’ of the system is early voting.  The progressive spin is that the program allows more people to vote.  That’s totally false.  Data shows that people, who vote early, are the same people who would vote on Election Day.  Overall, it doesn’t increase participation of low propensity voters, but it does make campaigns far more expensive giving a huge advantage to incumbents.  For example, instead of waiting to mail the last three weeks before an election, a campaign needs to mail for 6 weeks.  It doubles the cost of advertising.  Ending early voting helps level the playing field.  It will also cut down those nonstop commercials every time you turn on the TV.

As we all know so well, mail-in voting must be totally abolished.  There are so many countless ways to cheat.  Ballots can be stolen out of mailboxes or magically lost at the Post Office.  A good voter list database can identify who doesn’t regularly vote, so a fraudster can request ballots for those voters and send them back.  Remember, your ballot doesn’t need to go to the address where you are registered to vote.

Like early voting, mail-in voting gives a huge advantage to incumbents by once again raising the costs of a campaign.

If we cannot stop mail-in ballots, then our fallback position should be requiring individual barcodes on every ballot, outlawing ballot harvesting, and locating all drop off boxes in Police Stations to prevent any tampering.

Campaign finance needs to be cleaned up.  No more cash donation. Every contribution must be made via check or electronically.  Also, the Federal Election Commission and the Office of Campaign and Political Finance should increase penalties for candidates who falsely list lobbyists by  another occupation.  

Other major reforms should include outlawing same day voter registration and requiring identification to vote.  

In Massachusetts, we must change the date of the Primary.  With less than 2 months between the Primary and General Elections, there is not enough time for a challenger to make the case against the incumbent.  

These reforms will not cure the system of the cheating and the fraud, but it would be a major step forward.  The GOP must act!