Elizabeth Warren’s Tax Policy: Taxes for Thee, Not for Me

Today, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, also known as the Fake Indian, will speak at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth about her “agenda on taxes.”

What’s her plan? Sen. Warren is going to urge her fellow Democrats to back President Joe Biden’s agenda to tax the rich by repealing the Trump tax cuts.

Is she trying to kill our already wobbling economy?

The Trump tax cuts resulted in economic growth that generated a record high of $5 trillion of tax revenue for the federal government. Moreover, the official poverty level fell to its lowest rate in 50 years.

The median household income rose by $5000. Americans who earned under $100,000 per year got a 16 percent tax cut. If these tax cuts are repealed as Warren wants, families earning $75,000 will owe an extra $1500 in taxes.

That’s a lot of wampum, fake Indian! That would remove a lot of money from the average wigwam’s, er household’s disposable income.

I guess her definition of rich doesn’t match mine. 

Warren is the last person who should talk about taxing the rich.  She’s rich, but she doesn’t pay her fair share.

When she committed racial fraud by stealing a minority appointment to teach at Harvard Law School, she got an interest-free housing loan for her new mansion, along with being compensated $350,000 to teach one class.

With all that free time, she got outside work such as consulting for insurance companies screwing asbestos victims out of their settlements.

Until she ran for senator, she also hadn’t bothered to pay her automobile excise tax to the City of Cambridge for many moons. So much for paying her “fair share.”

As a senator, she spent more time writing books to fatten her wallet than to help our state.

Shouldn’t Warren should pay her fair share to the Great White Father, er, the federal government? But she doesn’t.

In her home city of Cambridge, she takes a huge tax break for living in her home. No joke. The city allows people who live in their dwellings to take hundreds of thousands of dollars off their home value to lower their property taxes. She pays less than most Massachusetts homeowners.

Is that equitable?

Worse yet, Cambridge receives the 11th highest amount in local aid from the state. Taxpayers from around the state are sending in their income taxes to help pay for Cambridge’s police and fire, because Elizabeth Warren doesn’t pay her fair share.

Maybe Warren should start with property-tax equity in Cambridge, before going on the war path to tell the so-called rich to pay more.

I look forward to voting for John Deaton!