Dylan Mulvaney Mansplains Womanhood to Beauty Consumers

Dylan Mulvaney will never be a woman. You need not be a biologist to know this.

It doesn’t matter that Dylan distributes daily Tik Toks about the joys and struggles of “girlhood.”

It doesn’t matter that Dylan is invited to speak at the 2022 Forbes Power Women’s Summit.

And it doesn’t matter that Dylan guest-starred with “gender-fluid” David Lopez on Ulta Beauty’s podcast to discuss “The Beauty of Girlhood”—which, according to the duo, is mostly shopping and emotions. Lopez, donning a full face of makeup and a beard, asks a high-heeled Mulvaney his opinions on female hormones, women’s bodily processes, and feminine beauty.

Talk about mansplaining.

Dylan can carry around all the female sanitary products he wants. He can give femininity presentations to crowds of thousands. He can put on a dress, style his hair, and paint his face with all the makeup in the world.

But, Dylan, you’ll never be a woman. No matter what you think, you’ll certainly never be a mom. And I’m not the only one who isn’t afraid to say it.

Grassroots America makes up just a fraction of those waking up to the Radical Gender agenda. After the “girlhood” podcast went viral, pure outrage poured in from both the Left and the Right. Mulvaney is being accused of appropriating womanhood through misogyny-ridden antics. Ulta Beauty is receiving brutal backlash and widespread calls to boycott the cosmetic retailer.

But it’s too late for the Left to admit defeat now. So their media cronies are doubling down. Here are some highlights:

“TERFs are Boycotting Ulta Beauty.” I promise I agree with this sect of Radical Feminist on very, very little, but good try, The Cut.

Out-of-touch Yahoo attempts to make sense of the uproar, but assures readers quickly Ulta “did nothing wrong.”

“TikTok Star Dylan Mulvaney Was in One Ulta Beauty Video. Transphobes Couldn’t Handle.” Let me get this straight. If you wish Ulta invited Selena Gomez or Rihanna or any other real woman to discuss womanhood instead of bringing in Dylan, queer outlet “Them” says you’re a transphobe.

But that’s just it, isn’t it? The Left overestimated the readiness of first-world society. Maybe Americans were okay with adding more colors to the Pride flag. Maybe Bruce Jenner’s transition didn’t cause much of a stir. But the progressives ramped up their “progress” too quickly. The rubberband they’ve been stretching for over a decade has snapped. Now, average citizens are rejecting male athletes competing in women’s sports. They’re voicing their concerns having men in women’s locker rooms. They’re calling out hospitals bragging about child-butchery.

Aside from calling dissenters names like TERF or transphobe, the Left is out of options. That’s how you know they’ve lost this round.

I suspect the woke overlords will stay quiet for a period. They’ll regroup after this, gauge how badly Ulta is hurt if a boycott indeed ensues, and seek to stretch society’s limits using an alternative method.

Next time, instead of a boy, maybe it’ll be a puppet on strings, shouting, “I’m a real girl!”

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