Armed against coronavirus, literally

It’s at moments like this when I’m very happy that I own a firearm(s).

Let the faint of heart worry about toilet paper, I want to stock up on ammunition.

This always happens when there’s an emergency, or in this case, a panic. A whole new bunch of people suddenly realize the truth of the old saying:

“When seconds count, police are minutes away.”

Have you turned off the TV yet? These endless political press conferences are like talent shows … without the talent. Every one of these empty suits is trying to top the other guy.

Mayor Walsh on Sunday afternoon announces that licensed establishments in the city can only operate at 50 percent capacity. A few hours later, Gov. Tall Deval tops him by closing all the bars, 100%.

The next day, the bars being already been padlocked, Mayor Joe Curtatone of Somerville ups the ante by announcing the closure of playgrounds. In other words, since it was too late to close the bars, Hizzoner shut down the monkey bars.

And they’ve shut down the schools … for classes. But the schools will remain open … for serving food. Am I missing something here?

Dr. Johnson said that getting hanged in two weeks concentrates one’s mind wonderfully. So too does seeing mobs of zombie shoppers nervously pacing outside supermarkets at dawn, and then, after the doors are unlocked, fist fights soon breaking out in the paper goods aisle over the last rolls of Cottonelle.

The last time guns were selling this fast was in the fall of 2016, when the same media who are now telling us that MILLIONS WILL DIE! was informing us that Hillary Clinton was a sure-fire winner.

You may recall, she was running around the country (except for Michigan and Wisconsin), coughing and falling down and shrilly shrieking that she would appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn D.C. v. Heller.

Her low-info, on-the-dole voters probably had no idea what she was talking about. All they wanted, all they ever want, is more free stuff. But all us “credulous boomer rubes,” as they call deplorables now — we heard the dog whistle loud and clear.

Hillary was coming after the Second Amendment, just like she was coming after the First (which she referred to as the “Citizens United” decision).

Result: gun sales through the roof right up to Nov. 8. Then Trump was elected, and everyone relaxed. The emergency was over. Oh sure, the recurring fear flares up anew every now and then (I finally got my permit to carry and bought my guns after the Muslim terror attack on the Christmas party in San Bernardino in 2015).

This time the immediate spur for gun sales is the prospect of civic unrest, gleefully promoted by the alt-left media as their latest attempt to overthrow Donald Trump, by crashing the economy, after the failure of their Russian and Ukrainian hoaxes, among others.

But there are other factors at work too. With the Democrats as far left as they are now, every presidential race has become what was described four years ago as a Flight 93 election — do or die, in other words.

Did you watch the Grumpy Old Men debate on CNN Sunday night? Joe Biden is supposedly the moderate candidate — at different times he called coronavirus “N1-H1” (as opposed to H1-N1), SARS and “that thing from Africa.” (Ebola?)

He also claimed that “islands are sinking.” And a few weeks after saying that it was “xenophobic” for Trump to call it a foreign virus, Biden said, “This is like being attacked from abroad.”

And he wants to shut down the fracking industry! I know he doesn’t remember much, but can Sleepy Joe recall the gas lines of the 1970’s? Why are there no more gas lines? Because we’re energy self-sufficient again, at least until the Democrats shut down the entire fossil-fuel energy industry.

Gas lines: talk about something that reminds you of the need to protect and preserve the Second Amendment …

Oh, and, by the way, Biden wants open borders. Great idea! At the risk of being xenophobic, Joe, where did the virus come from?

Let’s take a look at fatalities of Massachusetts residents in the last month, as of Tuesday afternoon:

From coronavirus: zero.

From illegal-alien unlicensed drivers from Brazil wiping out a family from Whitman down in Florida: four.

You worry about the supply of toilet paper, I’ll worry about the supply of guns. If you have the latter, you don’t have to worry about someone taking away the former from you.