Ahoy! Climate activists leave Charlie Baker high and dry

Gov. Charlie Baker has now seen what a third term as governor looks like — a pink boat named Climate Emergency with a half-dozen squirrelly looking hippies chained to it, blocking the driveway to his mansion in Swampscott.

Gov. Charlie Baker has now seen what a third term as governor looks like — a pink boat named Climate Emergency with a half-dozen squirrelly looking hippies chained to it, blocking the driveway to his mansion in Swampscott.

The Bernie Bros. were quickly lugged by state police. And as you saw the photos weren’t you thinking to yourself, those troopers are quite dedicated to a sanctimonious trust-funded jerk who wants to fire them for not getting a COVID-19 shot?

Third terms are always a disaster — ask Cuomo. But it’s not like the second one has exactly been a resounding success for the RINO governor Dementia Joe Biden calls “Charlie Parker.”

The arrival of the pink boat on Monument Avenue was an inauspicious beginning to another big day for Gov. Parker, who was looking ahead to his $1,000-per-person event at One Dalton Tower.

Once upon a time, such fundraisers were called “times.” Now, they’re known as super-spreaders.

Personally, I still tend to think Tall Deval’s not running. At this point in the election cycle four years ago, he was sitting on a $6.5 million war chest. Now he has $517,000 on hand.

These days, he’s basically raising just enough to meet his campaign committee’s monthly expenses. In August he raised $46,000 and spent $42,000. In July he grabbed $58,000 and paid out $49,000.

Charlie Parker would supposedly cruise to re-election next year. Perhaps, but could he survive the GOP primary against ex-Rep. Geoff Diehl? Could he even get enough votes at the state convention to make it onto the primary ballot?

You know, bragging about your high-handed abrogation of civil liberties may win you cheers among feeble-minded Globe readers and geriatric Channel 5 viewers, but it’s not usually a winning strategy in a Republican fight.

Tuesday night’s super spreader was hosted by Gregg Lisciotti, a developer who runs Charlie Parker’s big PAC, Mass. Majority.

According to state campaign-finance records, over the years Lisciotti has handed out $221,914.69 to assorted politicians and front groups. He’s given his pal the governor $12,500, as well as $9,050 to the lieutenant governor, Karyn “Pay to Play” Polito.

Lisciotti’s favorite politicians are incumbents. Mitt Romney got $5,500 back in the day. The disgraced ex-lieutenant governor Tim “Crash” Murray pocketed $3,000. Democrat House Speaker Ron Mariano has grabbed $1,500.

In 2013 Lisciotti backed the loser in the Boston mayor’s race, John Connolly, and this year he’s again behind the loser — Annissa Essabi-George has gotten $1,500.

Lisciotti likes Democrats, obviously. His Mass Majority super PAC spreads big bucks around to Democrats, and I don’t just mean Parker and Polito, who are still nominally Republicans.

But Mass. Majority has even more interesting expenditures, such as $215,384 to a company called TRO Consulting in 2019-20.

According to the secretary of state’s office, TRO Consulting is owned by Timothy O’Leary, who by a remarkable coincidence happens to be on Charlie Parker’s campaign payroll for $1,289.62 every two weeks.

Another beneficiary of Mass Majority largesse is a company called Mass Political Marketing. Its principal is Brian Wynne, who lists himself on LinkedIn as “Campaign Manager at Charlie Baker for Governor.”

Last year, Mass Political Marketing collected two payments of $60,000 each from Mass Majority.

When Charlie Parker asks O’Leary and Wynne if he should run for a third term, what do you suppose they tell him? What do “consultants” always tell their patrons?

But you have to wonder if Charlie’s heart would really be in it.

Of course it’s lots of laughs running a police state, sternly hectoring his subjects to cancel their Super Bowl parties and ordering them not to buy large turkeys for Thanksgiving.

But what about his wife Lauren? The arrival of the SS Climate Emergency Tuesday was at least the second time security at his North Shore mansion has been breached recently.

And you have to wonder — what exactly was the hippies’ complaint?

What more do they want from Tall Deval? He’s the ultimate Panic dead-ender who loves lockdowns, masks and imperious mandates that make no sense, not to mention firing any public employees who dare to question his medical expertise.

Last year he turned Massachusetts into the Albania of New England — the nation’s highest unemployment rate and the third-highest death rate.

Under Parker, Maskachusetts is a basket case. What more could Democrats possibly ask for?

And now, for his encore, Parker is the only governor in the Northeast still touting the mad grift called the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI).

Baker, who in 2014 was first elected on a platform of stopping automatic annual gasoline tax increases, now dreams of raising Massachusetts’ fuel tax from its current 24 cents to, according to a Tufts University study, perhaps as high as 62 cents a gallon.

A 150% increase in the gasoline tax to fund the hackerama isn’t enough to prove his bona fides as a privileged trust-funded legacy white boi?

What the hell do you have to satisfy the crew of the Climate Emergency?

I’ve got an idea for Charlie Parker. Do us all a favor. Come out of the closet — become a Democrat.

The hippies’ll bring the pink boat back to Monument Avenue and this time it’ll be a party for you.

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