Okay, so anyone who listens to the Howie Carr Show knows a few things.

1. Howie loves his pugs.

2. Howie loves doing bad British accents.

3. And lastly, Howie loves Wicked Good Cupcakes.

And I can certainly understand where he is coming from in regards to #3.

Not only are the cupcakes amazing (I suggest National Security Red Velvet), but the people at Wicked Good Cupcakes are also rock stars at giving back.

Some people might know Tracey, Scott and Dani through their fame on the popular show Shark Tank.

While others may have stumbled across their treats by listening to the Howie Carr Show.

But for a lot of the men and women protecting us overseas, they know Wicked Good Cupcakes for a very unique reason.

Many soldiers have received the famous cupcakes in jars while sacrificing so much to serve our military.

The “Taste of Home” campaign allows people to pledge cupcakes to soldiers all over the world. Wicked Good Cupcakes also gathers hand-written cards by children to send along with the treats.

Our listeners are big supporters of the military and love this campaign. So when Tracey sent me pictures of the soldiers holding up some of the cupcakes, I couldn’t help but share.

Like Tracey said on our show- this is a way to let those people, who are sacrificing so much for us, know they are not forgotten. And with even something as simple as a cupcake, that mission can be accomplished.