One thing I always hated about the process of applying to college was how awkward it was to talk about my accomplishments. Whether it was in the admissions interview or the common app essay, it was hard to feel comfortable bragging about myself in such a non-subtle way.

I feel like Obama must have been the Michael Phelps of applying to college.

No one can list off why he deserves to be applauded more than the President can. He can reach around and pat himself on the back with such ease you’d think he was a yoga instructor.

And Barack wasn’t going to choose last night of all nights to suddenly go humble on us. Most of his references were ones that have become signature brags for 44. The booming economy, incredibly accessible healthcare, flourishing job creation…Oh, you didn’t realize these things had been drastically improved upon in the last 8 years? Well let Obama, along with moonbat speech goers chanting “four more years!”, set you straight.

But what made me cringe more than #ObamasFarewell was the celebrity response to this melodramatic end of an error.

Let’s take a look at Hollywood’s final goodbye to their savior, Barack Hussein Obama.

Gigi Hadid

Not sure who she is? Gigi is a famous model who recently did an impression of Melania Trump at an award show.

She was far more respectful last night while thanking the President.

Thank you. ❤️

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Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen has been Team Obama since the very beginning. She was so verklempt over his departure that she needs more characters to accurately describe her love. Listen Ellen, if I have to stick to the Twitter limit when live-tweeting the Bachelor, then too can persevere.

Michael Moore

Everyone’s favorite “documentary maker” reminded us that Barack isn’t going anywhere. As if we really thought he’d gracefully bow out of the spotlight. HA.

Ashley Judd

This has got to be one of the most obnoxious of the night.

It was an emotional night for the elite. There was also a lot of crying…like, a lot.

I wonder if all of the deplorables were in shambles last night?

No, probably not. We saved our tears for election night. Because tears of joy TRUMP tears of defeat.




  1. OK, obviously I know who Michael Moore is and Ellen DeGeneres is that guy with a talk show and a girls name and I’m sure I’ve heard the name Ashley Judd but I have no idea what the bleep she “does”…did she give out a porn video to a few million people and then claim it was stolen or something? But who the bleep are these other people and why does anyone care what they think?
    Here’s a good way to avoid these kinds of people:
    Get ad block, (it’s free, like an Obama voter’s rent) and right click on anything from twitter, or buzzardfeed or any other useless internet crap and in the address, put : *.twitter, or whatever site and like an Obama voter’s ability to think, it will disappear.

  2. I am so tired of the Hollywood( I think I’m elite group) booing and crying. This is a president saying goodbye and a new one coming in. You win some you lose some. Your all acting like ” lassie fell in the well.” I want someone to represent me and my working class friends as stop giving my money away. It’s time we looked at the funding for the Ahts ( Meryl Streep).