Insane: Amherst College Savages English Language in Left-wing “Common Language Guide”

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Amherst College on Wednesday published a so-called “Common Language Guide” — a document authored by “diversity” experts with the intention of introducing college students to the convoluted language of leftism.

But by Thursday morning, the document was missing. Fortunately for anyone who wants to know what “packing” and “tucking” are, we’ve saved a copy of the guide. For the record, this is an actual document produced Amherst College. Repeat: This is not a parody.

Here’s a sample:

Got that? Capitalism — an economic system that has done more to lift the people of the world out of soul-crushing poverty than any government program in the history of man — is “exploitative” and inherently racist… or misogynist… or something.

Read the whole guide here.

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