“Night of Crime with Howie Carr”

Coming Soon to a Town Near You

The 2014 edition of the Night of Crime will focus on the incredible trial of Whitey Bulger in Boston last summer. In his usual raconteur style, Howie will include inside stories about the testimony, and what the TV cameras didn’t record, because they weren’t allowed inside the courtroom. He will show photos of Bulger’s victims, before and after, some of which may be a bit R-rated for younger children. Howie will explain the mysterious murder of Stippo Rakes, and what’s next for Whitey. As much as you read in “Ratman,” there’s more, and Howie will tell you all about it.

Anthony Amore is an internationally recognized expert on the topic of art crime. His well-known work investigating the world’s largest art theft has gained him unique insights into the world of high-stakes art crime. He will tell the true stories of some of the most notorious cases of art frauds and forgeries, smashing myths and misconceptions about the Hollywood version of art crime along the way. And he’ll take you behind the scenes of some of the biggest crimes involving the most best-known and expensive works of art in the world.

2014 Schedule